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Dune Rats @ The Gov


Dune Rats @ The Gov

Jason Katsaras

With a formidable reputation, gig goers always knew the Dune Rats gig at the Gov last Thursday was going to be wild, but what the 'Dunies' presented blew away those expectations!

The raucous evening began with Adelaide favourites Horror my Friend bringing an excellent mix of their thoughtful songs to the stage. Following this, the night took a gritty turn as the rowdy bunch of blokes from Melbourne's Cosmic Psychos put on a fiery display. Crowd favourites such as 'Nice Day to Go to the Pub' and 'Better, Not Bitter' had the crowd in an unapologetic state of turmoil. This can be expected with the groups fantastically catchy, belt out loud chorus' such as 'it's fucken bullshit mate' and 'nice day to have a schnitzel, have a schnitzel'. These cracker anthem's had the crowd well and truly warmed up before the Dunies hit the stage.

Adelaidians may have spotted the Dune Rats earlier in the year at Laneway Festival, which gave us a taste of the antics to be expected at their gigs. In true Dunies style, the groups visible drunkenness and antics throughout their performance perfectly accompanied their light and carefree music. Hits such as 'Dalai Llama Big Banana, Marijuana' and 'Funny Guy' were very well received by the wide eyed audience. The beachy stoner-rock backlog of tracks proved popular to mosh to, despite not perhaps being hugely heavy in nature. The group were warm, friendly and made the crowd feel as though they were all a part of their own private party.

The set was stopped at one point, before a shoey (scull of beer from a shoe) was demanded of the band by the crowd. Happily, frontman Danny Beusa and drummer BC Michaels obliged, before spewing in some unfortunate places... At some point during these shenanigans a member of the Cosmic Psychos strolled out centrestage to tell the audience that "the youth of Australia need to harden the fuck up!", to the audience's applaud. 

Despite this setback, the dunies collected themselves and powered on into more of their songs, refreshingly dismissing the need to depart for a predictable encore. Instead they confidently finished their set with the additional songs, capping off a fantastically wild night!

While a Dunies gig is definitely not for the faint of heart, we had an absolute blast and love their outlandish personalities and music. 'Til next time. 

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All images taken by Wade Whitington