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The Adelaide Central Market: A Recipe


The Adelaide Central Market: A Recipe

Rachel Darling

If Adelaide were a giant cake, The Adelaide Central Market would be the rich, gooey, decadent centre that everybody loves. A gathering of like-minded people selling and buying fresh produce, organic products and foreign ingredients, The Adelaide Central Market offers a unique grocery shopping experience full of the traditional market smells, sights and vibes. The bustling atmosphere turns a boring 'trip-to-the-shops-for-bread-and-milk' escapade into an experience in itself, with the sound of coffee-grinders, chatter and the odd vendor yelling ‘one dollarrr a kilooooo!’ giving everyone that marketplace buzz. When the people of Adelaide want to cook up a storm or play celebrity-chef from the comfort of their own kitchens, this is where they shop for their ingredients. So, here are some tips on how to have the perfect winter morning at The Adelaide Central the form of a recipe:

You will need:

-1 plan-free morning (Tuesday-Saturday), preferably a sunny one

-A handful of shrapnel

-One of those shopping bags on wheels (to fit in with the hip market crowd)

-1 empty tummy


1. Preheat your pleasant winter morning at The Adelaide Central Market by walking there. Whether you walk from the train station, Rundle Mall or even just your car, this will provide you with fresh air, some vitamin D (if the sun is available) and some glorious Adelaide city sights, all while burning off some extra calories- a great start. This will create a solid base for your morning.

2. Warm up your market visit by enjoying a hot beverage. For something different, try a Turmeric Milk from Goodies & Grains! For a more traditional warm-up, coffee is a good choice. A little slice of cake can also be added. Remember, you walked there so you deserve it, right?

3. Once you have warmed your paws around a steamy drink, it is time to add some purchases. Stock up on greens, fresh fruit, organic products, fresh bread and foreign ingredients that you just can't get anywhere else. The addition of lollies, chocolates and pastries are optional.

4. Next, mix in some creamy flavour to your pleasant winter morning by adding some cheese...because, well... CHEESE!

5. Slowly pour in some atmosphere. The market is a place full of sights, smells and sounds. Absorb these. Perhaps while munching on a pastry...

6. Ensure that your pleasant morning is cooking up nicely by checking it for taste. Many of the stalls and vendors offer a free taste-testing of their products. Maybe you didn't need that pastry?

6. Once purchases have been made and you have tried more free tastings than really necessary, your morning is almost ready to serve. Sprinkle with a handful of fresh flowers (serving suggestion only). 


All photos by Rachel Darling