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RAW: Adelaide's SPLENDOUR Showcase: A Review


RAW: Adelaide's SPLENDOUR Showcase: A Review

Rachel Darling

Friday night the 19th of June was an absolute knock-out for all artists and attendees at RAW Adelaide's SPLENDOUR event. Doors opened at 7.30pm and before 8.00pm, the art exhibition at The Producers Bar was packed to the brim. With all local talent on show, it's really a no-brainer as to why every art enthusiast in Adelaide seemed to be flocking through the doors.

Providing exposure for all art forms, the event filled the pub with paintings, craft, jewelry, sculpture, costumes, hair and make-up models, performance dance, music and everything in between. Being an 18+ event, everyone could enjoy their drink of choice while wandering around the visual feast that was their surroundings.

While art exhibitions are often thought of as slightly dull with a ‘here-for-the-free-drink’ kind of mood, RAW Adelaide’s SPLENDOUR was completely the opposite experience. With multiple band stages, performers and a huge crowd, the atmosphere was loud, excitable and inspired; if a bit over-crowded! It was everything anyone could ever want from an art showcase.

photo 1.PNG

The art displays were all uniquely presented, some offering splashes of colour and quirky portraits, whilst others were displayed on the top of a model’s head or through the strums of an on-stage guitarist. Each element added to the arty vibe of the event and entertained all of the senses in a satisfyingly eccentric fashion.

RAW Adelaide’s SPLENDOUR was a crazy, art-filled event that not only helped local artists with exposure, but treated Adelaide to some of the most talented emerging artists this city has to offer. In many ways, it redefined the idea of an art exhibition, and we can’t wait to see what RAW Adelaide has in store for our city's art scene in the future...