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Chloe Jane Candle Co: Burning To Success


Chloe Jane Candle Co: Burning To Success

Rachel Darling

So you’ve tidied up the space you call home- styled it to meet the standards of only the best home decor magazines, cleansed it of junk and finished it all off with a cute little succulent. You and your space are just sooo on trend. But don’t get ahead of yourself now, because no trendy space is complete without a luxurious fragrance to accentuate it. Luckily, a clever Adelaidian by the name of Chloe Grayling has just what you’re after with her Chloe Jane Candle Co natural products.

First launched in 2014, Chloe Jane Candle Co is an Adelaide-based business that can aptly be described as ‘burning to success.’ Grayling was just 19 when she started the brand, and credits her passion for natural products and scents as the reason for her success. ‘I love creating deliciously scented soy and coconut oil candles that encapsulate a natural, bohemian vibe,” says Grayling, and with scents such as ‘Revitalise’ (mandarin, coconut, amber and lime) and ‘Golden’ (vanilla caramel) we are stoked that she loves making them!

Chloe Grayling

Chloe Grayling

Grayling’s candles are crafted from natural products and are made with local ingredients. Each candle contains soy wax and coconut oil combined with fragrance oils that are produced from essential and carrier oil blends. Hand-poured into frosted glass pots with a modish wooden lid, suddenly you can see exactly what your stylish space is missing- and just wait until you smell these things!

At the moment, there are 9 different scents to choose from in the Chloe Jane Candle Co range. Each scent offers a different mood and ambience to a room and with so many to choose from, the only hard part is deciding which one!

Grayling has received a great response from both local and international customers and retailers, with people all around the world enjoying stunning scents thanks to her candles. “My brand has blossomed faster than I had ever imagined, says Grayling, ‘I still hand-pour every candle myself to ensure that each product is made with the love and care they are worth,” says Ms. Grayling. Ah-ha! So that’s her secret!

Chloe Jane Candle Co products are currently stocked in 10 South Australian retail outlets as well as online and in local markets, with plans to extend the range internationally.

So, do yourself, your nose and your newly-styled interior space a favour and experience a Chloe Jane candle. We truly wish you luck in choosing a scent!

Visit the Chloe Jane Candle Co website here.