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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Shilah Clothing Co. Will Rock Your Winter Wardrobe


Shilah Clothing Co. Will Rock Your Winter Wardrobe

Alice Brooks

Coming into yet another wet and drearily grey winter season in Rads, most of us are still coming to terms with the fact that thongs just aren’t okay when it’s bucketing down with rain and that singlets probably aren’t the best option when it dives below fourteen degrees.

As the first few days of winter are now upon us, it is time to perfect the knack of looking sharp and being toasty warm, the answer: Shilah Clothing Co.

Founded just this year by Harry Grigg and Jackson Trengrove, former Melbourne based model and current Port Adelaide defender respectively, Shilah Clothing Co. has already experienced an overwhelmingly positive response.


Both founders developed the idea for the company based on their love of fashion and their drive to improve and enhance the availability of quality threads on the market without the designer price.

Given the status and experience of both Grigg and Trengrove, who have utilized their networks within the fashion/modeling world, as well as the sporting world, their label has already received great exposure Australia-wide. 

I was lucky enough to get the chance to speak to one half of the Shilah Clothing Co. label, Harry Grigg to gain insight into their exciting new project.


How have you found the response from the Adelaide locals? Did you initially find it difficult to get people interested in something new, or have you experienced a more positive response that you initially anticipated?

Our response has been overwhelming. We didn't expect to have such a reaction and to move so many units so quickly!

Adelaide will always be my city, but we are very "behind the 8ball" with current fashion styles and trends. We will push the boundaries with some of our clothing to try and get the consumer out of their comfort zone but still keep the safe bets stocked and ready to purchase.


So given that awesome amount of success, what new and exciting ventures are coming up next for Shilah?

We are currently in the process of releasing our winter range which has had a great response thus far. Our beanies being the biggest hit.

Staying clear of branding our clothing as much as possible we wanted to let the fabric do the talking.

Being a male-dominated clothing label, our business goal is to slowly introduce a women range so we can cater for both markets. We have recently employed a female staff member to research current trends and hope to have all up and running come late winter/early summer.


In terms of your women’s range, what sort of garments will be included? Will they follow the same sort of style as represented in the men’s range?

We are currently still undergoing research into the women range but essentially following the same guidelines as used with our men’s attire.

Stock the safe bets but give our consumers the option to express their individuality though threads a little different than the usual.


How did the name Shilah initially come about?

"SHILAH" is a native american term meaning "BROTHER". Our multicultural society in Australia is unlike any where in the world. Everyone's a "MATE" or "PAL" and initially, it is what inspired us to come up with a label that brings everyone together.


With regard to your previous experience in the modeling industry & Jackson's networking through Port Adelaide, it would give you guys a little bit of a head start- but what sort of advice would you give to other young, passionate people looking to do something similar?

Not to be afraid to fail. Not everything goes to plan, learn from you mistakes and continue to move forward.

Accept criticism. My friends and family are the first to tell me if something doesn't sit right and i wouldn't have it any other way.


Are you looking to take the brand international at some point?

 We recently launched our clothing label on a global scale; only time will tell how far the brand goes.


To have a little peak at the awesome range from Shilah Clothing Co. head to their websiteand for outfit inspo featuring Shilah threads and beanies give the guys a follow @shilahclothing… happy shopping!


All photos are courtesy of Harry Grigg