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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Little Birdy Bringing Adelaide's Night To Life


Little Birdy Bringing Adelaide's Night To Life

Alana Trezise

Have you ever wondered... 'When I get into this club, is there actually going to be anyone in there? Where are my friends? Where is busy?' Well, Little Birdy has swooped in to answer all of your nightlife questions. 

Created by local entrepreneur Jack Haines, Little Birdy is an app which takes the guess work out of going out. Easy and fun to use, it is slowly but surely changing the face of Adelaide's nightlife and entertainment precincts. 

The app comes to life with the installation of a Little Birdy beacon, fixed to the wall of a venue and embedded with bluetooth activation. Once the beacon is active, punters are able to check in and share their location with other users on the app, allowing you to see where the crowds are in real time. 

Map View feature of crowds in real time

Map View feature of crowds in real time

Similar to Facebook, the app utilises a social feed where you are able to see every post made by users and venues. If you'd rather be on private, that's okay too. You can change your settings so that you are only visible within your own social network of friends. From the main feed, you can search venues within the database to find other venues close to you, or use it to assist you in finding somewhere new and exciting to venture too.

One of our favourite parts about the app, is the 'crowds' feature. When you are on a night out, you are able to click on the 'crowds' section of the app and it will show you how many people have checked in at different venues. If there are not many people there, the vibe will be 'chilled', however if there are plenty of people, the vibe will be 'red hot'. 

The 'crowds' feature of Little Birdy

The 'crowds' feature of Little Birdy

As well as making our lives easier on a night out, the Little Birdy team put on regular pub crawls. Allowing you to get aquainted with Adelaide, meet new people and take advantage of some awesome drink specials, Little Birdy pub crawls are a fun and different way to spend your Friday night. 

Currently, Little Birdy is only available on iPhone, but a little bird tells us that it will be available to download on android verrrry soon. Free to use and install, we highly recommend that you try it out on your next night out. 

For more information on Little Birdy and its pub crawls, check out the Facebook page


Header image via Jon Wah