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Loco For LOGAN


Loco For LOGAN

Mirna Taslidza

She is the newest Adelaide beauty to sign with modelling giants IMG Models. Lets be honest... towering gracefully at 175cm, with a mane of brown hair and captivating dark hazel eyes, it's really a no brainer.

Having already worked with some of Adelaide's coolest magazines, such as TEO and South Australian Style, and shooting with some of Australia's most talented photographers, Logan's portfolio is more reminiscent of a seasoned model.

Besides her ridiculous good looks, Logan is also incredibly intelligent. We caught up with this blossoming beauty to talk all about modelling, her recent gig with IMG and future aspirations. 

Image by Bec Martin 

Image by Bec Martin 

Congratulations on signing with IMG models! What was your reaction when you found out you had been signed with IMG?

Thankyou so much. IMG is one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world, so to be signed with them is a major deal. I was shocked at first and it took a few minutes for it to all sink in, but afterwards I was over the moon with excitement. It’s defiently a big step for my modelling career!

How did you get involved in modelling?

Roughly two years ago, I had received a friend request from Stacey Hendrickson. I was a little confused on who she was and why she wanted to be my friend. But after looking at her profile, I saw that she was the head designer of Casper & Pearl, a fashion label which I had already loved. From there, Stacey and I talked for a while and she mentioned to me that she was creating a modelling agency and if I would like to be a part of it. We organised a test shoot and I loved it from day one. I soon signed with AZALEA and now here we are.

Although you are just beginning your modelling career, you have already shot and worked for some incredible clients. What has been your favourite job to date and why?

I have worked with so many people, so it’s extremely hard to decide what my favorite job has been. I would say that the photo shoot for SA Style Magazine would have to be at the top of the list. The photo shoot for SA style was such an amazing experience. The people were amazing to work with and we had fun. I think it was one of my favorite jobs due to appearing on the cover of their anniversary issue, that was a major achievement for me and I was honoured to be chosen for such a big thing.

Image by Claire Alice Young

Image by Claire Alice Young

What is it like working with your mother agency, AZALEA models?

AZALEA is just an amazing agency to be with. The thing I love most about AZALEA is that all of the girls support each other and we are always congratulating each other when someone gets a new job or when we do a runway show. Stacey created the agency based on strong morals and always emphasises the fact that she wants us to be like a family, which we all are. I see the other girls as my sisters and some of my closest friends. In fact, whenever some of the girls come down to town for work, they usually stay with me “Hotel Logan” as it’s called!

Can you shed some light on your modelling goals and aspirations?

My first modelling goal was to appear in a magazine and then sign with a secondary agency, but since this has already happened my next goal is to work internationally and then maybe even work for Victoria Secret. My main goal is to be able to work with a major celebrity like Miranda Kerr or Jennifer Hawkins. I would also like to be able to become a major role model to young girls. I intended to go to schools and speak out to young girls about self-confidence and about the modelling industry. I believe it would be good to teach young girls to be confident in themselves and also have the chance to show that the modelling industry isn’t negative like everyone perceives.

Image by Neon Theory

Image by Neon Theory

There is a lot of pressure on models to be and look a certain way. How do you overcome any challenges and stay positive in such a tough industry?

I believe that the pressure to look a certain way has defiently died down in the last few years. It’s become a lot more about being healthy and strong more than to be skinny. It’s changed in a good way. I believe it is important to remain true to yourself and to also be strong emotionally. When you go to a casting, you’re not always going to get the job. There will be some jobs which you will be rejected, but it’s important to remember to not take it personally. I have been able to stay positive due to the amount of support that I have from loved ones. Surrounding yourself with love and laughter is always the best way to remain positive.

What would be your dream modelling job and why?

Apart from being a Victoria Secret model, my absolute dream job would to be able to walk for brands such as Chanel or Alex Perry. I love their clothes and watching their fashion shows. I have always dreamt about walking or even working for Alex Perry. It would be an amazing experience and I love how honest he is!

Do you have any advice for other aspiring models out there?

My advice would be to keep trying and to never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. You must be determined and to stay true to who you are. Having these traits and aspirations will help you go far, you just have to believe and trust in yourself!

Kudos to you, Logan. We are excited to see this Adelaide beauty take on the rest of the modelling world. For more of Logan's portfolio, head here

Header image via Claire Alice Young