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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

19 Times Adelaide was So Adelaide


19 Times Adelaide was So Adelaide

Paige Kerin

When Farmers Union told everyone to harden the F.U.I.C up, and Australia was outraged, and Adelaide was like..


When Adelaide put a tree in a big glass box, and didn’t think it would die


When another great coffee haunt opens up


When cyclists start terrorizing roads in January


When everyone got outraged that we actually used a public area that the government spent millions of dollars redeveloping so it could be used for events #keepoffthegrass


When the Casino was the only venue exempt from lockout laws


When Mad March rolls around


 When a celebrity comes to Adelaide


When another bar/restaurant/cafe opens


When an Adelaide Metro transport is actually on time


When restaurants complained about food trucks for getting an unfair advantage


When Krispy Kreme/The Apple Store/Zara/Anything Remotely New opened in Adelaide



When the Pandas came to the Zoo


When those people comment on The Advertiser articles complaining about literally anything they can think of


When someone mentions the idea of falling into the Torrens


When anyone completes the Lofty climb

When it first goes below 20 degrees and Adelaide is like


When the small bar legislation started in Adelaide


When Adelaide was named in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities To Visit, the New York Times’ Top 52 Places To Go, and the World's Top 5 Most Liveable Cities


Adelaide is the best * Drops Mic *



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Cover Photo via Scott Barbour/ Getty Images