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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Jungle Giants @ Uni Bar


Jungle Giants @ Uni Bar

Jason Katsaras

The Jungle Giants transformed the Adelaide UniBar on Saturday night into a venue bustling with energy. Their performance following Moses Gunn Collective, Foreign National and Fritzle was fantastic.

From the second they took the stage, The Jungle Giants were very impressed with the crowd, often commenting on how brilliantly involved they were.

Keen to capitalise on this, the giants made sure each and every audience member had the best time possible, chatting to the crowd and introducing many songs beforehand.

The crowd were ecstatic with every song being belted out by the band, with one favourite being ‘Domesticated Man’ that had everyone up and about.

While there was a very brief technical interruption at one point, there was little impact on the crowd and the rest of the performance, demonstrating the fantastic eagerness from punters to see more. 

The mix of old and new tunes from this group were so well received by the all ages crowd, it was unbelievable. Their latest song ‘Every Kind of Way’, was also a particular crowd favourite.

Overall, the Jungle Giants performance on Saturday was exceptional, and giant fun!

Header image via Jungle Giants