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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Shake & Style


Shake & Style

Brittany Evins

After studying interior and furniture design, Laura Davids, at 28 years of age has acquired a resourceful mindset and a set of innovative skills that will blow your mind! Her genius abilities and creative angle have assisted her in the process of re-vamping old items to create new fabulous furniture.

Her innovative ideas span beyond the imagination with furniture made from cattle farm crates, old seat tops, lampshades and other recycled items. Rescuing props from old farms, salvage yards, hard rubbish and even the roadside; Laura manages to create beautiful pieces of art from a myriad of items people have disregarded. All of the pieces in the store are available to hire with a small selection eventually being available for purchase. However, this isn’t the only perk of the store, as not only are the props for hire, so is Laura!

Shake & Style is also a space that is promoting Laura’s sheik retro and warehouse angle to interior design. Her distinctive talent is displayed throughout her store, which demonstrations Laura’s ability to transform a space in your backyard, or to add a unique touch to your residential or commercial event.

Her creative flare is sourced from hopes to provide a different angle for interior design and event planning or displays. We certainly believe she has successfully achieved these goals with Shake & Style!

To add to the excitement, Justin Caught, piano tuner of 16 years and side business partner to Laura, will be continuously doing up pianos for sale- Shake & Style always having a new piano in the store to play on. Laura describes the pianos as ‘beautiful pieces of ingenuity, which are going to be made more playful and fun. Bringing the life back into the pianos, creating fresh new fun.’

After sitting down and having a chat with Laura we were super excited about all the details of her concept around Shake & Style, which she says ‘is a bit of a mixed bay’.

"I’m passionate about refurbishing and reusing- everything was something else. I want to encourage people to think of the alternative uses than landfill for a lot of items that just get thrown away."

"As an interior designer, furniture designer and now a milkshake connoisseur… I want my store to be a place for people to take a look, have a seat and relax. Shake & Style is a place where people can catch up over a drink; without having the influence of alcohol, but instead, selections of 10 milkshakes instead."

 "All of the props are from my event styling business Wing Woman, all of my deigns and creations have been in my warehouse for storage but now I have a space to promote my work and get art out there. Everything will be for hire and the space will be constantly changing."

Shake & Style acts as a prop gallery, furniture shop and milkshake bar. However, with the strong family vibes and bright, friendly attitude Laura possesses; the store is much more than all of these. It’s an exciting social place where you can hangout with friends, sipping on milkshakes and sitting at the games table or over by the chessboard. All whilst checking out the new retro pieces and the constantly changing layout.

Where: 81 Commerical Rd, Port Adelaide

When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11-4 pm and Sunday 9-5 pm


All images taken by Brittany Evins