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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Closet Mod


Closet Mod

Mirna Taslidza

They say everything that is old is new again. Well, that's certainly the case for one Adelaide fashion designer and entrepreneur, Jordan Bishop, who is the mastermind behind the gorgeous 1960's inspired fashion label, Closet Mod. The label features irresistibly endearing, unique and effortlessly fun pieces from dresses, sets and accessories in retro colours and vintage fabrics. 

We caught up with the talented Jordan Bishop to talk all about her inspirations, ambitions and future projects.

Hello Jordan, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with This Is RADL. Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind Closet Mod?

The inspiration behind my brand comes from a love of the 1960’s Mod movement and everything that came with it. Each piece is created using original techniques and principles, I like to keep things simple while still keeping that attention to detail that really defined 60’s fashion. 

Closet Mod certainly has a 60’s theme to it. What do you love about the fashion of this era?

There’s not much I don’t love about the fashion of the 60’s. I just think they got it right and really knew what they were doing. My favourite item would have to be a long sleeved mini dress, its classic while still being flirty and feminine. I also love the masculinity in women’s fashion throughout the 60’s, it was very relaxed and young women stopped caring so much about looking perfectly put together like they did in the 50’s. Just look at any photo of Jane Birkin, often seen in a straight shift dress, no shoes, and tousled hair. Perfect!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in fashion?

I’ve always been interested in fashion but always considered it to be too competitive. I enrolled in AC Arts to study Costume for Performance and it was there I learned to sew and started making my own clothes from vintage patterns as a hobby. 

Have you always been passionate about fashion and fashion design? Was there a defining moment in your life where you were certain you wanted to become a designer?

Fashion design is a very recent thing for me; I still don’t call myself a fashion designer because I didn’t study fashion design. There hasn’t been a defining moment; I started out making clothes for fun and did a few local markets, until one day I was at That Dapper Market and was approached by the property manager from Renew Adelaide. She loved my designs and suggested I apply for a space. That was a massive thing for me! I’d only been running my label for a year at that point and had no business experience so I really threw myself in the deep end. Renew Adelaide has been absolutely incredible and always keen to lend a hand with marketing and events, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now if it wasn’t for them. 

Where do you find inspiration from when designing?

I find inspiration from 60’s style icons such as Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton, just to name a couple, as well as fashion designers from the time (Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin). I also get a lot of inspiration from more modern icons like Alexa Chung. A lot of my inspiration also comes from just looking at fabrics, I usually find fabric first and then create the design from that. 

 Your label certainly has a distinctive look to it! How have people responded to your label?

People respond quite well to my label; when people come into my shop they’re often surprised to see something so different. It is a very small market but the people that are into it definitely do appreciate it! 

 I have read somewhere that Closet Mod is very popular overseas, especially in The UK where Mod is very popular! How have you been able to attract an international audience to your label?

My international audience comes completely from Instagram. As soon as I created my account I was receiving followers from all over. The mod scene is huge in the UK so they respond very well to my designs, the first ever customer that came into my shop was one of my Instagram followers from the UK who was on holiday in Australia! It’s so cool knowing clothes that I’ve made are walking around London. 

 Where would you like to take Closet Mod in the future?

In the future I’m hoping to take Closet Mod interstate, I’m taking a trip to Melbourne later this month to suss out the market and talk to a few boutiques about potentially stocking my product. From there I’d also like to go to Brisbane to do the same as I’m often posting items there so I think there’s definitely a market. I’ve heard they do a lot of 60’s nights around the city which I had no idea about, so hopefully I can make it over for one of them.

To what extent is Closet Mod a reflection of your personal style?

Closet Mod is my style completely! If I’m not wearing Closet Mod I’m usually wearing vintage. I sometimes like to modernise it a bit by pairing a classic a-line skirt with a cool band t-shirt. All my pieces are pretty versatile so it makes styling really easy!

What are some of your favourite pieces from Closet Mod?

My favourite piece at the moment is the Neck-Tie Blouse.  I made it after watching an episode of the 1970’s Charlies Angels where Jacklyn Smith was looking immaculate in a floaty, feminine suit.  The shirt is simple and elegant and the flared sleeves give it that hint of 70’s style which I’m noticing is really on trend this season.

Do you have any exciting plans ahead for Closet Mod?

I have lots of exciting things in the works for Closet Mod, later this year I will be collaborating with Sydney based illustrator Andrina Manon, she creates really dreamy watercolour patterns which we will be printing onto fabric and turning into lovely dresses, just in time for Summer! I’m also really keen to create a line of men’s shirts featuring cool 70’s prints which I’m hoping to design. 

Images via Closet Mod.