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Young Offenders put on one hell of a party


Young Offenders put on one hell of a party

Zoe Walker

While many Adelaidians partied along to the Jungle Giants on Saturday night, there was an equally rowdy gig going off in the west end of the city.

The Ed Castle provided the venue for local rock gods, Young Offenders, Jungle City, Slick Arnold and Epiphany.  

Remember those names, folks. We doubt it will be long before any of these bands start popping up at festivals and making some major waves.

However, we’re sad to inform you that last night was the last we’ll hear from Young Offenders for about five months. A huge party with a sweet local lineup certainly isn’t the worst way to begin a short hiatus.

The night was full of head banging, hair flicking and the occasional banter between band members on stage. The show was undeniable evidence of Adelaide’s thriving punk rock scene.

At risk of putting labels on things (but just to give you an idea), most of the music we heard sounded like a mix between Nirvana, Blink 182 and The Arctic Monkeys. Young Offenders have absolutely nailed the hardcore, psychedelic, funk, punk rock genre. That’s a mouthful isn’t it?

First of all, Epiphany deserves a massive shout out for totally killing their first live show. Anyone would have thought these guys had been performing together all their lives.

Next on stage were the cheeky funk rock trio, Slick Arnold.

With long blonde pigtails sticking out on either side of him, Jack (guitar/vocals) had the crowd captivated with his charismatic presence. At one point he told the crowd, “my set list is in Swahili” and Mitchell (bass/vocals) said, “yeah mine’s in Japanese.”

Slick Arnold's Japanese set list. 

Slick Arnold's Japanese set list. 

Slick Arnold finished off their show with a shout out to Young Offenders and subtly reminded the crowd, “you’ve paid $10 so don’t fuck off just yet.”

The boys from Jungle City were up next and I don’t think any of them have cut their hair in at least a decade. Their whole set was just a whirlwind of flying mops.

Halfway through their set, a devoted fan brought a jug of beer to the stage and Jungle City swiftly passed it around with no apparent need for cups.

Jungle City casually necking jugs on stage. Photo taken by Matthew Orman. 

Jungle City casually necking jugs on stage. Photo taken by Matthew Orman. 

By the time Young Offenders graced the stage, it was around 1am but they proved to be well worth the wait.

Throughout their high-energy performance they played some newly recorded head-banging tunes as well as some popular Red Hot Chilli Peppers riffs, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. They even went so far as to invite the crowd to party on stage with them for their last few songs.

The atmosphere of the whole show was about more than just the music; it was about the performances and the way the band and the crowd vibed off each other. That’s what ultimately turns music into culture.

It was one hell of a party and these bands are totally worth celebrating.

We can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

All images taken by Matthew Orman