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13 Signs You're A Traveller From Adelaide


13 Signs You're A Traveller From Adelaide

Rachel Darling

1. Feeling unapologetically smug when you are half way around the world and you see an SA brand on the wine list...

'MmmHMM!!! They got the fancy stuff up in here!'

2. Meeting other Australian tourists who become confused by your Adelaide accent...

'Are you from England?'

3. When you randomly bump into a fellow Adelaidian on the other side of the world, you either a) know each other already or b) identify mutual friends within a couple of minutes

‘Oh so you are his cousin’s-boyfriend’s-sister’s-friend? Yeah I know you! Did we just become best friends?!’

4. When people from overseas just assume you are from Sydney or Melbourne.

'No, I'm from Adelaide. A--del--aide.'



5. When someone on your travels asks what Adelaide's icon is and you find yourself awkwardly trying to describe the silver balls...

'NO!!! Not THOSE kinds of balls!'

6. While you love to try food from different places and cultures, you can't deny that in some cases the cultural cuisines offered in Adelaide are just as good- if not pretty damn close!

'Hey! This laksa tastes EXACTLY like the one from Laksa House in the central markets!'


7. When you arrive at the new and improved Adelaide Airport...

'Dang, Adelaide Airport... when did you get so swag?'

8. When you are in a foreign country and you overhear an Aussie accent. You wonder if they might be from Adelaide when you hear:

'Yeahhhh maayyyte- that's grouse ay?!'

Nope. Definitely not from Adelaide.

9. 'Oh awesome- a flight sale! I wonder if it includes flights from Adelaide?' *checks flights* 'nope.' *sighs.*

10. When you see some of the hour-long traffic jams in other cities:

'Ok... So maybe South Road isn't SO bad...'


11. When you see a non-Adelaidian try a Fruchoc for the first time and you just look at them like:

'Yep. That's where I come from.'

12. When you meet THAT fellow-Australian traveler:

'Where in Australia are you from?'


'Oh... Is that in Melbourne?'

*To which you ball up your fists and try to control your eye twitching. But then you realise you're quite glad THAT person doesn't know where Adelaide is*

13. You always know you're almost home when you spot HQ from your plane window.

'What? Don't judge me- It's a very recognizable building!' 

All GIFs via, cover image via Rachel Darling