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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Ash Grunwald @ The Gov


Ash Grunwald @ The Gov

Jason Katsaras

Full of the charisma and friendliness we know and love, Ash treated fans to an assortment of new and old songs. The blues man himself was very fond of The Gov, saying he loved the atmosphere and set up.

The raw emotion displayed in these smooth tunes was phenomenal, with Ash’s high vocal range adding to the effect. He later discussed his sentiments about corporate greed, a theme in many of his recent songs.

In a more sombre tone, at one point Ash dedicated a song he had written to a passionate fan of his who had passed away, this performance was exceptionally emotive.

The heartfelt tune perfectly displayed Ash’s total commitment to any song he performs, and he received a generous applause from the audience who saw Ash visibly affected by the performance.

After this personal performance, he wasted no time in cracking on into many upbeat songs and by the end of the night much of the audience found themselves having a blissful jig to the bouncy last couple of tracks.

After yet another great Adelaide gig, we couldn’t speak more highly of Ash Grunwald as he embodies all that modern blues can offer.

See you next time, Ash.


All images taken by Wade Whitington