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Kirstie Clements Book launch: 'Impressive'


Kirstie Clements Book launch: 'Impressive'

Alexia Frangos

Glamour. Poise. Beauty. Intellect. These words best describe Vogue, fashion, and former Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements.

On the 30th of April, the fashion-elite of Adelaide were privileged to attend the Kirstie Clements VIP book launch of her newest instalment, Impressive: How To Have A Stylish Career at Westfield Marion.

The atmosphere of the night had glamour written all over it. The room was lit with candles, the scent of cocktails and designer perfume filled the air, and the latest Autumn/Winter trends were flaunted by Adelaide's top bloggers and fashionistas. 

Kirstie Clements sported a classic all black outfit, while her interviewer, Westfield Senior Stylist, Kara Fantasia, opted for a similar look with stand out shoes. Kirstie says her inspiration for the book was to write about advice for young, eager designers and fashion-inspired writers and wanted to "dispel the myths of the fashion industry". 

"Be original, great, or first" - Kirstie Clements.

"Be original, great, or first" - Kirstie Clements.

During the interview, Kirstie draws to the point that "fashion is not all about the parties, it is not as glamorous as the movies portray, and always reminded the audience that hard work ethic and having a mentor is a huge advantage in the industry. 

Kirstie began at Vogue Australia as a receptionist, and it took her 13 years to become Editor-In-Chief although it was not her first priority, she elaborates "I did not want to be at the top, it was not my main goal, I just wanted to work at Vogue.". Even as she claimed her status as Editor-In-Chief, Kirstie remained humble saying "I was not Vogue, I worked for Vogue. I loved making magazines, the writing and the beauty.". Some quality advice from Kirstie is to be an expert at what you do best and to "be really good at one thing, that is how you'll get hired".

Kirstie says the finer details are very important in the industry.

Kirstie says the finer details are very important in the industry.

In her book, Kirstie also talks about social media - how it can make everyone a general expert on fashion, but for bloggers it can be challenging as they are on their own with no team of writers or photographers to get it perfect or edit unnecessary information. 

"She is completely right and there is a lot of behind the scenes, like a coffee and style photograph doesn’t just happen, there is a lot of thought and conception behind it" says Emma Kate of Emma Kate Co.

"She's very real and very approachable, that’s really important, so is her passion and the hard work just shines through."

Some final advice from Kirstie is to "build your brand, own the brand, it is no walk in the park" pressing to stay confident, put in the time, and work hard. 


A parting gift from Emma Kate Co for all the guests.

A parting gift from Emma Kate Co for all the guests.

The closing quote from Impressive:

“The best and happiest people I worked with over the years are my colleagues and friends, who are now global executives and they all possess the same core beliefs; it is being kind, working hard, not taking yourself too seriously - or letting your ego get out of control - you need to be honest, have a sense of humour, and be elegant inside and out.” - Kirstie Clements.

Impressive: How To Have A Stylish Career is available for purchase at many leading book stores and online.

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All images taken by Alexia Frangos.