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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Aleenta Barre - No Tutu Required


Aleenta Barre - No Tutu Required

Jamie Doran

Ballet bodies are those we all want - long, lean, strong and - above all else - healthy.  

What if you could take a ballet class that incorporates a barre class, pilates and yoga?  What if you could strengthen, tone and lengthen your muscles, work on your flexibility and come away feeling mentally refreshed?  Barre classes are a favourite with Victoria's Secret Angels and hey, if it's good enough for them, I suppose we should give it a go.    

Image via VSholic

Image via VSholic

At Aleenta Barre, tutu's aren't necessary, so ignore flashbacks of your childhood ballet recitals.  Founded by Kylie Roberts and Claire Bastow, Aleenta Barre became the first dedicated barre studio in Adelaide with a studio on Rundle Street and a second location recently opened in Mawson Lakes.  They've also got a studio in Melbourne, incase you're heading over the border!  

So, if you want a body like a Victoria's Secret model, want to strengthen your muscles, clear your mind and get in shape without being yelled at by a trainer in a gross, sweaty gym, jump online and book an Aleenta Barre class today.  

Even better - the first class is free!  For all details, check out the website here and make sure to stop by the blog: it's is choc (carob?)-full of tips, tricks and inspo to get you reaching for the organic, stretching out and feeling pretty happy with yourself.