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7 AdeLads to Follow on Instagram


7 AdeLads to Follow on Instagram

Paige Kerin

A lot of the focus tends to go to the ladies when we think of Instagram. Boys on Instagram tends to be a bit like girls in the AFL; we know they play, but no-one really knows much about it and they get paid buckets less than boys. While there are thousands of girls out there with on-point fashion, food and lifestyle blogs, it's a bit harder to find a lad with a good eye for Insta. Look no further than these 7 local lads who take pretty great photos of their life, their loves, their meals, their drinks and much more. Well done boys. 



One third of the trifecta of Croquet Players is a pretty cool guy, and Stuart Duckworth’s Instagram gives us all an insight into what it’s like running the RCC as well as other city venues like the Little Miss bars.  Fun fact: he likes wearing hats.  



Turns out Footy Players don’t just play sport and eat pasta all day, weird right?! Port playaaaa Chad Wingard lets us all into not only his career but also his personal life, with plenty of family pics (he really loves his mum and it’s really nice). He genuinely enjoys long walks on the beach, and I believe he’s not single ladies, his puppy seems to be his priority. Does not mind a sneaky product promo or cheeky selfie either.



Dis boy got styyyyle. Daniel Marks is a super taleneted photographer with clean af lines, super angled perspectives and a peacefully neutral palette. Fresh to deeaaath. 



In short, it’s his life in an Instragram – food, travel, Adelaide, photography and greatness. Through his pictures discover the best places to eat, drink and hang out in Adelaide, in particular with his amazing food photography. Also worth a mention are his incredible travel shots, in particular of the craziness of Asia. He’s at a lot of the launches and events around Radl, but there’s absolutely no hint of insta-arrogance around here. It pained me to choose just a few shots to show you, check it out for yourself!



10/10 you’ve seen this guy’s work around town, because he’s a super talented photographer and a stand-up Adelad at that. His work is pure art, and pretty much captures it all – as well as giving us a look at his ‘straightedge vegan’ life.



I’m probably being a bit dramatic when I say his photography is moving, but I can’t find many other ways to describe it. Ashton has had some incredible travels, and he’s not only got photos of some of the amazing sights but also captured the souls of people from distant corners of the globe. I’m talking hard core wanderlust people, and not the cliché jumping in front of the Eiffel tower kind… His pictures are worth 1,000,000 words.   



Let me tell you, this guy can draw. The slashie (designer-slash-artist) does some incredible art, with a mixture of drawings, paintings and photography. They’re not for the kids’ pictures books, they’re on the edge and super cool. You know that super cool This is Radelaide logo you’re always admiring? Yah. Thanks Clark * praise emoticon *




All images via respective Instagrams
Head image via @andre_c