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For Your Thrifting Pleasure... A Guide to Adelaide's Best Op-Shops


For Your Thrifting Pleasure... A Guide to Adelaide's Best Op-Shops

Rachel Darling

Op-shopping is good for a lot of things. Apart from helping the environment, supporting charities and local businesses; a spot of thrift-shopping will also give you a huge retail therapy high, at a low cost! Whether you are looking for a unique outfit, a costume or a cheap way of jazzing up your apartment, op-shops will always have an interesting array of choice. Everyone has their local favourites, but here is a handful of some of Adelaide's most popular vintage stores and op-shops... for the bargain hunter in all of us.



This is not your average charity shop. Located on stylish Rundle Street, this store could almost pass as one of the fashionable boutiques that surround it. Vintage and retro clothing and accessories fill two floors, and are colour-sectioned for an easier shopping experience. Due to its location, the store stocks clothing of a higher quality than most charity stores, so there is no need for sifting through old grubby t-shirts in order to find a gem. While it seems that the work has already been done for you, you will still pay regular op-shop prices - win, win!

WHERE: 284 Rundle Street, Adelaide CBD, 5000

OPENING HOURS: Monday-Thursday 10.00am-5.30pm, Friday 10.00am-9.00pm, Saturday 10.00am-5.00pm, Sunday 11.00am-5.00pm

BEST FOR: Retro clothing (mainly women’s) + retro cooking books


Claiming to be the only Antique Market in the Adelaide CBD, this shop is an absolute must-see for vintage and retro enthusiasts! The shop itself is a huge space, boasting 3,000 square metres of vintage everything. As you wander through the different rooms and levels of the shop, you will find vintage clothing to retro home wares, old jewelry and memorabilia and vintage toys and collectables. As most of the items are authentic vintage pieces, the prices are a lot higher than just your average thrift store. Though if you are looking for the real deal or something special, you will find it here. Vintage die-hards will lose their victory rolls in excitement over this place, but it is also worth a look for anyone interested in history or pretty things.

WHERE: 32 Grote Street, Adelaide CBD, 5000

OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday 10.00am-05.00pm, Saturday 10.00am-2.00pm, closed Sunday

BEST FOR: Authentic vintage pieces + retro/vintage bridal wear + collectables


This little treasure is a mix between your local op-shop and a Sunday garage sale. The shop has four different rooms, as well as a ‘garage’ out the back, all of which are packed to the ceiling with clothing, toys, bric-a-brac and retro home wares. Digging through the racks, you are likely to find some pre-loved 1980’s styles and an array of granny-cardigans. The garage section also has an assortment of furniture and electrical items, all at super low prices. This place is a bargain hunters dream.

WHERE: 179A Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton, 5023

OPENING HOURS: Monday- Friday 9.00am-5.00pm, closed Saturday and Sunday

BEST FOR: 80’s fashion + bric-a-brac


A visit to Fox On The Run is always a pleasant experience, and one that you will remember (if not be reminded of by all of your purchases). Originally hailing from Largs Bay and now residing in the city, the idea behind the shop has been to integrate eco-friendly fashion with modern styles. Replenished weekly with hand-picked pieces, there is always a selection of items chosen for their uniqueness, wear-ability and style. The shop caters for both guys and gals, and also stocks records, artwork and locally made products. Owner and vintage fashion lover, Meghan Fox (hence the cute store name!) believes that her passion for vintage clothing is a large part of the shops success. ‘I love what I do,’ she says, ‘I love the patterns and prints of vintage pieces, the shape fit and style.’ Meghan says she also tries to keep her finger on the pulse of what people are wearing out and about on the streets of Adelaide, so that she can choose items that people would like to wear. She spends a lot of time and love on the garments, altering them and restoring them to pristine condition. A true vintage fashion lover, Meghan’s passion is definitely reflected in her shop. ‘I love how adventurous vintage fashion is,’ she says, ‘it truly makes you embrace your personality.’ Well, there you have it folks, Meghan says it best! If you are looking for unique and wearable vintage pieces, go and give Fox On The Run a visit!

WHERE: 238 Rundle Street, Adelaide CBD, 5000

OPENING HOURS: Saturday-Thursday 11.00am-6.00pm, Friday 11.00am-8.00pm

BEST FOR: Wearable vintage fashion + local products


If you are into the whole 1940’s pin-up girl look, or fancy a bit of rockabilly glamour, then Ill-Gotten Gains is your next retail heaven. Stocking both pre-loved and new items of clothing, this place is the ultimate one-stop-shop for anyone looking for an era-specific style. Popular pin-up style brands can be found on one rack, while pre-loved vintage pieces can be found on the next. The store is operated by the SUPER friendly vintage goddess, Taya, who has lots of advice about how to wear vintage fashion and is also great for a chat! So if you are looking for a thrift-shopping experience with a bit more glam, this little gem in Thebarton is the place for you!

WHERE: 56 George street, Thebarton, 5031

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday-Saturday 11.00am-5.00pm

BEST FOR: Friendly service and advice + vintage, retro and rockabilly styles


Ahhh... the good old Salvo’s! They not only look after the community, but also provide a fun thrift shopping experience for all. Of course, you will find these shops everywhere, but the Findon Road shop is a particularly popular one, with lots of floor space to accommodate for spacious clothing racks and a range of retro furniture. This place not only has a HUGE amount of pre-loved stock, it also sports it’s very own ‘retro section’, where you will find era-specific styles to suit your wardrobe (or your next fancy-dress party, depending on your style). This store also has a large range of furniture and home wares at very reasonable prices. So, if you are looking to do up your home interior on the cheap - this is the thrift shop for you.

WHERE: 115 Findon Road, Woodville, 5011

OPENING HOURS: Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30 Sat 9.00-5.00

BEST FOR: Clothing for both men and women + furniture and home wares


Full to the brim with quality pre-loved clothing and bric-a-brac, this spacious hall is a treasure hunters delight! While many of the chain op-shops have started to hike up their prices for designer brands and quality, this shop is of the more traditional kind; the kind that sells a pair of jeans for a couple of dollars and books for shrapnel! The shop is run by a very proud bunch of volunteers, ‘we only select good quality, clean clothing for the shop,’ says one of them. The shop is almost like a room of requirement (Harry Potter fans will know what we are talking about) because it is only open quite fleetingly - once a week on Fridays. ‘You wouldn’t believe it,’ says the volunteer, ‘but we shut at 3.00pm and by 3.30pm- the hall is completely empty!’ Now that is some dedication right there! The fact that this place is only an op-shop for a very small part of the week almost gives it an illusive, magical vibe. If that’s not reason enough to visit, the staff are also very lovely.

WHERE270 Military Road, Grange, 5022

OPENING HOURS: Friday 10.00am-3.00pm

BEST FOR: Quality clothing at traditional op-shop prices + books + toys

Did we miss any of your favourite op-shops? Let us know!

All images taken by Rachel Darling