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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Brick + Mortar: the creative edition


Brick + Mortar: the creative edition

Brittany Evins

Finding it’s feet after an exceptional opening, Brick + Mortar are open, and already thriving!

Designed by the most creative, enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs, Brigid Dighton and Elizabeth Donaldson, this retail creative hub is a dream come true for Adelaide. Located in George Street, off Norwood Parade, the store supports all local talent with a great community vibe and support. Brigid and Elizabeth both had “different ideas that came together” to create Brick + Mortar’s creative retail hub, which has been brewing for a year. The space fills a gap in the Adelaide market, with ideas from locations such as Melbourne and Tokyo combined; a creative, industrial masterpiece.

Brick + Mortar has three defining aspects, which set it apart from every other store within Norwood: workshops, artist exhibitions and the capsule stores. Each one of these building blocks have set the bar, with a high standard of quality and diversity throughout the store. Artist exhibitions and the capsule stores make up the retail experience during the day, paired with great coffee and locally made snacks, which will keep you here for hours.

The interior of the store is furnished with recycled shipping crates, which were re-designed to house the capsule layout. These crates are also continued downstairs throughout the exhibitions and create an industrial and eclectic feel.

After grabbing a coffee, we highly recommend venturing up the stairs to take a sneak peak at the capsule stores, which are hidden on the upper level.


The capsule stores enable co-located shops next to one another in the same space. “It’s something different to what’s out there,” Elizabeth said, ‘it’s a totally new concept.” Elizabeth discovered the idea of capsule stores in Tokyo and was “really struck how you can do so much with a small footprint… small space but aesthetically amazing.” Brigid and Elizabeth have used new concepts and a flexible retail store, ensuring they keep the space “interesting with different aesthetics, covering the span of what people might find interesting to look at.”

Workshops are held at varying time slots throughout the year, with different and exciting opportunities to take advantage of. Artists are able to teach and get their name out there as they can hold functions after, or within store hours due to the flexibility of the space.

So what actually is Brick + Mortar?

·      A space for being creative and having fun designing; with workshops run by local artists.

·      Shop 'til you drop as you weave in-and-out of the capsule stores with products made by local designers.

·      Cross generational, with a kiddie’s section, you can catch up for coffee or food with friends and relax in an artistic and communal environment.

·      With free wifi and endless desk space, it’s a space for researching and studying.

·      As an artist, a location to take that next step into the retail environment with support and co-working spaces

Elizabeth and Brigid said Brick + Mortar is a “multifunctional space with lots of different reasons for lots of different people to come in… you don’t have to do anything in particular.” Coming from vastly different backgrounds, both Brigid and Elizabeth discovered the “appetite for something like this in Norwood… Adelaide has a real hunger to buy locally made products, which can be incredibly hard to find." 

How would you describe Brick + Mortar in three words?

Elizabeth: “Innovative, cool, design orientated and can I please add inclusive.” 

Brigid: “Dynamic, organic and inspiring.”


What does the space mean to you?

Elizabeth: “An experiment in opportunity and creativing for others. Putting value back into the community.

Brigid: “It’s about creation and giving something a-go. It means creative opportunity, trusting and believing in yourself. Giving artists an opportunity to follow their passion and their skill set.


Tues-Sat 8am for coffee, 10am for shopping
+ late Thursday nights

49 George St, Norwood, Adelaide.

Check out their events and Instagram.


All photographs taken by Brittany Evins