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Move It


Move It

Paige Kerin

Summer is officially over in Adelaide, meaning it’s time to rug up for the next 4 months or so. Winter is a wonderful time in Adelaide, but there does to tend be a level of hibernation amongst the population. One of the hardest things to keep the motivation for in Winter – apart from going to town when it’s 4 degrees on a Saturday night – is exercise. Bathers go away and most days you find yourself covered in jeans, jumpers and trackies. This year, I implore you all to make a vague attempt at keeping fit throughout winter, and I’m here to help you do that. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym, nor can they stand being surrounded by stringlet/sports bra wearing fitness models. So, here’s a few different options for alternative forms of exercise around town throughout the cooler months.


Jump Around

If you think this isn’t one of the funnest things ever, you are straight up to lying to yourself. Bounce is a room of trampolines, basically, and I’m sure we can all remember being kids and using all of our fairy-bread fuelled energy on our friend’s trampoline. Anyone can do it, and it’s genuinely a hell of a workout. There’s slam-dunk arenas for all you Jordans out there, wall-running and courts to dodge, duck, dive, dip and dodge. It’s just $10 for a 1 hour session, and a great activity to try with your mates (or do it as a first date and really get to know each other quickly). Book in advance, and try and go in the off peak times (Mon-Fri 10-4) to avoid screaming children as much as possible.

164-168 Richmond Road, Marleston


Climb a Mountain

It’s one of the most fashionable ways to exercise in the eastern suburbs, but thankfully this hike isn’t just for show. The Mount Lofty hike is a great walk that everyone can do – depending on how much you challenge yourself. Young fit men in the prime of their life can be seen running the track, while the older ladies like to stroll up with banter being the main priority. Everyone in between will get a good workout out of it, and enjoy the brilliant view of Adelaide at the top. Breath that fresh oxygen, as opposed to sweat stained gym air. Peak times are Saturday and Sunday mornings, when you’ll find you can’t find a park within 200-300 metres of the start of the hike, so I’d advise avoiding those times of the weekend. Be a true eastern-suburbers and grab yourself a latte at the top and take a selfie with the view. Or don’t.

Waterfall Gully Road, Burnside


Hang Out

One day, someone saw yoga, and thought ‘Not hard enough’. From then on, anti-gravity yoga was born. It’s not too complicated guys, it’s yoga done hanging out in a silk hammock. Great, right? We’ve all heard the proven benefits of yoga for people of all ages, for women and men too. It’s amazing for breathing, core strength, and general stress relief. One of the best places in town for it is Zephyr Yoga just outside the city. There are classes throughout the week and they’re aren’t too pricey.

71 Regent Street South, Adelaide

Zephyr Yoga Adelaide

Zephyr Yoga Adelaide

Where is your favourite place to move it? We want to know.