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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Cassandra Mamone Jewellery


Cassandra Mamone Jewellery

Mirna Taslidza

She is Adelaide's answer to Tiffany and Co, creating breathtaking, quality and timeless fine jewellery pieces for all women to treasure. 

Cassandra Mamone is an Adelaide-based fine jewellery designer with international aspirations. With orders already pouring in from the Big Apple, theres little doubt Cassandra Mamone Jewellery will be on every girls wish list.

What began as a hobby at fifteen-years-old, Cassandra Mamone made her dream a reality, launching her self-titled jewellery label in May 2010. A few short years later, this Adelaidian and her beautiful creations are now sought after globally, with a client list stretching all the way to New York City.

We caught up with the talented jewellery designer to talk all about her label, inspirations and exciting future plans.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with RADL! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into jewellery design? 

It started as a hobby when I was about 15 years old. I was creating beaded jewellery pieces for family and friends and then they started paying me to make pieces for them, and I was like 'wow!' After school, I studied for 3 years at Adelaide College for the Arts and received my degree of Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied design, my major was of course jewellery.


What kind of jewellery did you start designing, and how is that different to what you design now?

When I was studying, we would create collections and they would be showcased at TAFE exhibitions. My pieces were big, bold sterling silver pieces. I still sometimes wear a pendant I made which had lyrics etched onto it.

Now I design fine jewellery and specialize in engagement rings and evening diamond pieces.  Since completing my degree, I have been on quite the journey; I have worked for a fine jewellery manufacturer in quality control and now have my own clients coming to me to create their perfect piece of fine jewellery.


 What is the signature aesthetic of your jewellery?

I have a signature infinity detailing that I use throughout my collections, as well as my mill grain finishing. People seem to recognize my work by these key details.

Where do you source inspiration when designing and crafting your jewellery? 

My major source of inspiration are the places I have been and my travels overseas. However my very recent collection Havana’s Riviera was inspired by a place I have yet to visit, Cuba. I drew so much inspiration from pictures and research… I feel like I know it well.


There are a lot of ‘fast fashion’ jewellery stores throughout Australia selling cheap ‘fashion’ accessories. In your opinion, why do you think it’s more important to support local jewellery designers like yourself?

I am very big on manufacturing locally, helping our own economy and trying to create jobs here in our state to keep it thriving. I like to do my part as a business owner. Fine jewellery pieces to me hold much value due to their quality, longevity and beauty. 


What inspired you to launch your own jewellery label?

I wanted to design jewellery and no design roles existed in the company where I worked, so I took a leap and branched off on my own. I think there comes a point in time that you have to decide what you want and what action you need to take to get you where you want to be.


What was your reaction when fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat wore one of your designs at a fashion week?

Total excitement!!! Danielle has such a large following on Instagram and to be wearing my jewellery to fashion week was unreal; and it just kept getting better as she then wore the same piece on Project Runway All Stars that aired to its American viewers. She has told me she LOVES that ring and doesn’t take it off. 


 How did this experience change your career as a jewellery designer?

Greatly! I started receiving more international orders, NY clients ordering the same ring and my social media following also grew. It was a great response.

In your opinion, how can jewellery transform an outfit from being average to incredible? 

I can be wearing just jeans and a basic T, but as soon as that diamond ring goes on my finger it’s bound to get noticed. Something as simple as diamond studs or a gold gemstone ring can make any woman feel of more value and walk a bit taller. Wearing a small luxury item can certainly brighten the day, especially when you receive complements!


If you could chose one muse to represent your label, who would it be and why?

I think Olivia Palermo is always on trend and has a classic beauty and style, which would just fit perfectly with my brand.


Do you have any exciting future plans for your label?

The plan is to grow and expand the brand awareness further overseas. I have my eye firmly on New York. I have wanted to live and breathe there since my teens. However, Adelaide is home, so I will always have a base here, but I can juggle these cities with ease and everywhere else in between!

To find out more about Cassandra Mamone, visit her website here


All images via Cassandra Mamone