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The Best of Groovin the Moo 2015


The Best of Groovin the Moo 2015

Alice Brooks

I’m going to be entirely honest here, I had been looking forward to this day for a long time coming. Keeping a keen eye on the weather report (and in the process becoming somewhat of a meteorologist), I prepared myself for a torrential down pour, but wore a hat for good measure.

On entering into the festival, I was welcomed by, as I am sure you are all now aware, copious amounts of mud. As the heavens opened and the rain began to pour, I made my way to the only sheltered place available, the Moulin Rouge stage.

Tkay Maidza absolutely smashed out her set, leaving me in awe and with a hint of SA pride; we do have some incredibly talented individuals to celebrate. As always, her set was filled with energy and enthusiasm, playing crowd favourites Brontosaurus, Uh-Huh and Switch Lanes, among her other bangers.

The devoted Sticky Fingers fans braved the cold and wet conditions on the outside stage to groove along to their beloved boys, while the more thrill seeking of the crowd ventured onto the sling shot ride to enjoy the view from above.

In an attempt to: (1) Get warm under the main tent and (2) open myself up to new and exciting music, I headed over to see A$AP Ferg. An incredible performer, bringing great energy to his set, I was not in the slightest disappointed with my choice to skip seeing The Preatures. Although a phenomenal Aussie act, the protection from the elements given by the tent was too good to pass up.

Now at this point, I must mention the incredibly positive, if not slightly crazy, morale from the crowd. Although covered in mud, pounded by rain and in some cases at a loss for a shoe or two, the people of Oakbank GTM showed no signs of slowing down. As always at a festival, the drinks were frightfully over priced and the one type of vodka available diminished quickly.

With Broods and Carmada to follow, it was an all round sensation of sounds, with intermission DJ mixes from Triple J’s own Zan Rowe (a woman, I must say, of many talents).

To finish off a day of all round great music and festival vibes, was the deep party sounds of R.L Grime and Flight Facilities. Alike Laneway Festival, Owl Eyes made a special appearance throughout Flight Facilities' set, singing along with the DJs and entertaining the crowd. 

It was not until the music had switched off and the crowed began to disperse (in some cases stragglers attempting to hitch hike a ride back to the city), that the excitement of the festival had worn off.

So, for those of you who missed out, I would highly recommend getting in early next year. For those who attended, join us again in 2016, for the festival scene in Australia is beginning to thin with the likes of Future Music, Parklife, Big Day Out and Soundwave all discontinued as of next year.  

Make sure you have your gumboots, a spare set of explorer socks and your dancing pants on -Groovin is here to stay. 

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All images taken by Wade Whitington for This is Radelaide