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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Introducing Revoque


Introducing Revoque

Mirna Taslidza

Have you ever gone shopping wanting to find something that was comfortable to wear, well-made and flattering from every angle, only to find yourself gulping down a mocha frappe half an hour later grouching about how 'out-of-touch' fashion designers were with the modern women? Yeah... we've all been there!

Luckily there are people out there like Danica Ryan- the founder and designer of newly launched Adelaide clothing label Revoque

Revoque is a clothing label that keeps women in mind, crafting high quality luxe garments for women of all shapes and sizes. Taking inspiration from pervious decades, using classic silhouettes and flattering colour pallets, it's safe to say this Adelaide label is high on our radar, and should be on yours too! 

Image via Revoque

Image via Revoque

RADL caught up with Danica Ryan to chat all about her label, her inspirations and her newly opened pop-up store.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into fashion and design?

I've always loved and been involved in fashion in some way or another. I have studied extensive fashion styling at Adelaide Tafe and have previously been a fashion buyer for numerous fashion companies in Australia. When I was younger I used to dress models for fashion events in Adelaide, just being amongst the hype was inspiring enough.


What inspired you to create your own label?

I created this range after myself, family and friends struggled to find clothing that wasn't super tight and short. Most of my designs have deep pockets and have extra width in the hips section so it helps skim the body a little better and prevents the ride up effect.


Did you ever study fashion design? Do you believe it is essential be be formerly trained in order to become a successful fashion designer?

I have studied fashion styling and have worked in fashion businesses previously. I do not have formal training in design however I think a clear understanding of body shapes and fabric is essential to create any label.


Describe the aesthetic of Revoque?

Revoque is sophisticated with clean lines. Revoque is evolving and always daring. Winter will take a darker spin on the current line.


How do you go about designing and creating a Revoque Collection? What is your process?

This range is designed with classic silhouettes and shapes. I tried to design pieces that will suit a wide range of body shapes but keep it modern and fresh with the mesh and fabrics.
I've done a lot of research into different shapes and era's. There is a strong undertone of 70's in the summer collection.
Fabrics play a strong part in designing a range as it indicates which direction you can go in.


Your current collection features a beautiful and feminine colour palette- what was your inspiration behind this collection?

The current Summer collection is designed with blue and lilac, these colours were popular in Europe and had a Mediterranean influence.


You currently have a Pop-up store in Central Plaza- what made you decide to set up shop and what do you hope to achieve from it?

Only recently starting the label, I wanted to create an opportunity for my clients to experience the brand.

Image via Revoque

Image via Revoque

If you could dress anyone in your label, who would it by and why?

Lana Del Ray is my inspiration for AW15 range, as the brand is taking a left turn. So she would be my ideal at this current moment.


What other fashion designers and labels inspire you? Why do they inspire you?

Saint Laurent is probably my favourite. The styling is really crisp and clean, but has a daring edge to it. They're not afraid to push the limits on fashion and break the rules constantly.


When you are not designing and working, what are some of your favourite Adelaide Hangouts you will be found at?

Bone and grill is amazing for late bites and every time I head into the city my first stop is always Coffee Branch for a coffee, those boys know what they're doing! Mayfair hotel is awesome for sneaky cognacs.