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INTERVIEW: Jesse Davidson


INTERVIEW: Jesse Davidson

Alana Trezise

18-year-old Jesse Davidson has been making waves in the Australian music industry of late, with the release of his new single 'Laika' from his forthcoming EP. Following on from his debut release Ocean, Davidson has been working the Laneway festival circuit, recently embarking on his own Australian tour.  

We had a chat to the man himself about his music, touring and future endeavours ahead of his show tonight at The Exeter. 

Following your debut release 'Ocean', you've been doing some pretty amazing things. Tell us, what does your music represent? How did you develop that at such a young age?

It should speak for itself in parts I guess. I have a lot of influence from the music I listened to as a kid, bands like Radio Head and Grizzly Bear; I used to really listen to those guys heaps. My music has kind of evolved from listening to that kind of stuff, borrowing ideas and naturally progressing from a folky sound into something a bit more band oriented these days. 

We heard that you recorded Ocean in your bedroom. How was the studio experience for you in comparison this time round?

I made half of Ocean in my bedroom, and the other half in a studio at Brisbane. So two of those songs were from the studio and the rest were just bedroom demos that just got mixed. Recording in the studio was interesting, I really like how it's turning out with the proper recordings. It's very different doing it that way because you have to get in and get out and do it all properly. I think it has all worked out well.

Could you give us a bit of insight into your forthcoming EP?

It's kind of similar to my first release Laika that I put out, but there is a lot more louder drums and full band arrangements, synth songs and generally bigger sounding than my last EP. 

You've recently just come off the Laneway Festival tour circuit and have embarked on your own. How's all that going for you?

Laneway was great. It was a really good show to play, I had heaps of fun and met heaps of awesome people along the way. I've just done the first three shows of my tour in Bondi, Sydney and Brisbane and they were all really good. 

Along with your own tour, you've got a big support act gig coming up with UK band SOAK. Are you excited for that?

Yeah that should be good. It will be my first time doing a tour solo so that should be interesintg. It seems like they're all really nice intimate venues and I'm going to be doing it solo, for the first time in a while. It is going to be weird but it should be fun. With Laneway I played with a full five piece band so that sounded really big and band oriented. This gig will be really stripped back and kind of bare so I'm excited. 

Do you think there are any other artists within the Adelaide music scene that have inspired you so far?

I'm good friends with the Brokers guys and they've been playing in my band and stuff. They're great guys. I really like that act Minagerie too. I've had a bit of a listen to them and I think they're pretty cool. They have a really interesting sound. 

Do you have a favourite part about living in Adelaide?

I really enjoy it not being too hectic. I mean, it's pretty hectic during Fringe, but when I go on tour it's always these really hectic cities where everything is going on, it's really hard to get around and really busy; and then you come back to Adelaide and it's just like a breath of fresh air. It's nice to just relax for a bit.

Do you have a particular favourite hangout in Adelaide that you frequent when you're in town?

Just the Exeter really. 

Lastly, are there any major plans for the future, apart from supporting SOAK, which we should know about?

Yeah, I'm doing some festival stuff that I can't announce yet. so I'll be playing some festivals soon which should be fun!

Jesse Davidson will be playing tonight at The Exeter with support from his mates Brokers, from 5pm. Tickets are still available from Moshtix so get in quick, Adelaide!