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Arj Barker - Get In My Head - Review


Arj Barker - Get In My Head - Review

Paige Kerin

I’m going to make a call. People will probably attempt to correct me by suggesting otherwise, but I’m calling it – Arj Barker is one of the best comedians out there right now. He is. If you don’t believe me, go and see his Fringe show, ‘Get In My Head’.

He does that thing that not many comedians can do. He just speaks the truth, but does it in the most hilarious way. He commentates on many aspects of our society, our attitude towards technology, nudity etc, but with theatrical accents that are for everyone.

Like with many shows consisting of an hour of talking, it’s hard to remember exactly his jokes. I just know I laughed for the most part of 60 minutes. As always, Arj incorporates jokes specially tailored to his Adelaide audience. For instance…

“I’ve just returned to Adelaide, and you guys have changed! You have a TWO WAY FREEWAY NOW. What’s next? Drinkable tap water??”

It definitely doesn’t stop there, he also suggested we need a few more burger joints in this town. Throughout the show he jumps through topics, from ISIS, to Instagram selfies, to penis size, returning in clever ways to punch lines delivered 20 minutes previously. His voice rises and falls in that Arjy-Barjy way, at times making you feel like you’re watching a conversation between a couple of people. His humour is accessible for all kinds of people young and old, but not too young. Leave the kids at home, Arj swears and talks about penises an appropriately considerable amount. Safe to say, every person in the room gets a laugh.

There’s a reason Arj is one of the world’s renowned comedians who returns to Adelaide every year doing a show for pretty much the entirety of the Fringe festival. If you’re unsure of which unknown comedian to spend your money on for a good laugh, Arj Barker is the safest and most hilarious bet.

Image via Google Images.

Image via Google Images.


Arj Barker – Get In My Head shows at the Arts Theatre on Angas St until March 14