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When Celebrities Come to Adelaide


When Celebrities Come to Adelaide

Paige Kerin

Although some of us speculated he would never actually see it, Jamie Oliver surprised us all by visiting Adelaide last week and among other things, checked out Jamie’s Italian on King William Road. He then ventured to Noarlunga Colonnades to see an adoring crowd vying for iPhone pics and signatures of their copies of 30 Minute Meals. What a nice guy.

Most celebrities who come to Adelaide tend to be quite in 'n out, pop in on a private plane, secret car to the Intercontinental or the Hilton, and hidden modes of transport to wherever it is they’re performing/appearing. But every now and then, they like to venture away from their private bubble to check out little old Radelaide.

When Yeezy was touring Australia in 2014, he and his wife dined at Jamie’s Italian in private with their entire entourage. Did anyone else freak out when they realized they have walked the exact same pavement they did? No? Just me? They kept it real by walking through the domestic terminal onto their domestic flight when they left – no back gates and private planes for the Wests.

Imagine if they'd seen the old airport...   via Daily Mail UK

Imagine if they'd seen the old airport... via Daily Mail UK

Drake was spotted having dinner at Sean’s Kitchen after his performance at Future Music Festival, and then later on at Mr Kim’s.

Sean’s Kitchen has hosted a myriad of celebrities as well, including Jessica Mauboy, Kate Cebrano and Wayne Cooper.

Can she get a moment?   via Instagram

Can she get a moment? via Instagram

200 young, unassuming girls stalked One Direction out at Adelaide Airport when they arrived for the start of their Australia tour. Similarly, they waited outside the Hilton to try and catch a glimpse. Seems pretty excessive, until you remember that 60,000 people lined the streets of Adelaide when the Beatles rolled into town in the 60s.

Members of the Rolling Stones were spotted enjoying some drinks at Peel St venue Clever Little Tailor

Katy Perry enjoyed a meal at new East terrace venue Africola, and clearly gave compliments to the Chef, Duncan Welgemoed. 

KP and DW   via adelaidenow

Robert Pattinson hit up Big Day Out in 2013, while he was here in SA shooting ‘The Rover’. He also had a run-in with our beloved SAPOL when he casually rode a bike through town without a helmet. The thug life clearly chose this one.

Similarly, Richard Branson thought being a squillionare makes you exemt from the law. He copped a stern talking to from SAPOL also for doing the same. When will they learn...

Passing through Victoria Square before his run in with the law   via

Passing through Victoria Square before his run in with the law via

One of Adelaide’s best Italian restaurants – La Trattoria – has served pasta and pizza to names such as Mick Jagger, Bon Jovi and Erica Bana.

Keen for a celebrity sighting of your own? Apart from stalking the stars down on Twitter/Instagram – which I’m not actually recommending you do – it’s not uncommon to spot celebrities at Crippen place after they perform at festivals here in Rad. We don't really have much of Paparazzi in the town, so it's up to us citizen journalists to be in the right place at the right time. 


Cover Photo via Matt Turner/The Advertiser