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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Introducing: Sean Howard


Introducing: Sean Howard

Emilie La Pietra

Everyone, meet Sean Howard. A true-blue Adelaidian, and the next big thing to happen on the Aussie music scene. Predominantly identified as an acoustic solo artist, Sean’s music speaks it’s own language. Sean will be performing one major show in Adelaide on March 22, supported by some other great local talent, before heading into the studio to record his debut album “Chasing Shores” in July.  In Summer 2016 he will be hitting the road for his official “Chasing Shores” Australian Tour.


How did you develop your sound?

I’ve tried to learn as many songs as possible that suit the style of music I want to play. When I sit down to write a song, I see parts of each genre and artist I have learnt music from, which has helped me develop my sound.


Do you have any particular life Influences?

My older sister has been into singing throughout my childhood since before I can remember. I would definitely put my first inspiration to write music down to her. Maybe it was sibling rivalry , I’m not sure... but it just so happened that I loved it. My Pop was also very musical. He actually played in a band that did a bit of recording way before my time, but I unfortunately never got to hear any of his original work though.


What does your music represent?

As cliché as it sounds, I find myself (just like everyone) caught up in this stage of limbo, between being an adult and a kid. It’s part of my daily routine to battle how I should be reacting to certain situations, and convincing myself to put my time and effort into the right things. I’m in a stage of my life where uncertainty in my own thoughts rules me. I’m constantly questioning not necessarily myself, but whether I am approaching everything in the right way, whether it’s a relationship, an opportunity, a misfortune or whatever the case.

My music represents the transition stage between youth and adulthood, as that’s really where I’m at right now. My songs have lots of questions that seem to create an endless loop of uncertainty. I suppose it is reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t have all the answers. My music communicates the feeling to those in a similar place, which I think can be everyone, at any age, in a million different situations. I think for everyone, there is a stupid shitty point in your life where nothing feels certain or right or wrong, but that’s okay, you aren’t the only one. It’s all part of growing up.


How do you approach writing?

I usually find myself in a writing headspace at the most inconvenient of times, such as when I am out or driving long distances. So I have in a way tried to recreate the situation when I’m at home. Usually I will pull out the laptop and listen to a specific artist or style for an hour or so, then switch it off and try and come up with something on the guitar. I often struggle to get the first line of a song out, but when I do, the whole song seems to flow almost immediately after. I rarely ever write my songs in more than one sitting, which I think helps maintain the simplicity of my tracks.


What would be your ideal performance or crowd? 

For me, the more relaxed the scene is, the more relaxed I am. I find my music seems to come out like it would if I were playing at home, which is ideally the sound I am going for. If I were to describe the exact scene, I would probably prefer a small intimate show with minimal lighting, where I could talk between songs and have a laugh. 


What are some of your musical influences?

I’ve always been intrigued by some of the pop-blues that has come out in the last 50 years, such as Hendrix and John Mayer. It was these particular musicians that led to me picking up the guitar in the first place. In terms of style and similarities, especially with the guitar, I would say Australian folk artists such as Kim Churchill or Benjalu would be some of my stronger influences. 


Things are happening very quickly for you. How do you see your career progressing?

I love to travel, which is obviously a big thing for me as I love this country and I love exploring and meeting new people.  After giving Uni a go I quickly realised it wasn’t for me. I need the freedom to travel with my music and share it with new people. I love to prove myself as an artist from the ground up in front of new listeners. The ideal lifestyle for me would be to constantly travel, meet new people, and play music.


Do you have a benevolent agenda with your music?

Recently I have been lucky enough to be involved with people who have shown me some of the things that go on behind the scenes concerning wildlife mistreatment, not just in Australia but across the globe. Almost immediately after having seen this, I was latched onto the idea of using my name as a platform of awareness. I plan to support the people who stand for animal welfare, and be another voice for some of the things that go on behind closed curtains.


What are your plans for the next 12 months?

The next 12 months are going to be crazy. I have an extremely busy schedule! So far I seem to be managing it well, and I’m making much more ground than I initially intended. I’m working with my producer at the moment drafting lots of songs for my first album released later this year (around November). I have 2 singles lined up to be released before the album, one of which a film clip for is well under way for, and the other that’s in the final stages of mixing. I will be taking the album around the country over the coming summer, which I am so excited for. For now, all of my spare time is going towards writing. I have been experimenting with different techniques and have been jamming for the entirety of my days non-stop. 

Coming up I’ll be headlining a concert in a private garden. I’m lucky to have it supported by Deep Blue Studios, Young Henrys brewery, and you guys here at This is Radelaide, so it will be a great event with over 200 people coming. At the moment I am just getting my head around juggling all of these things at once, but am loving how crazy and fast it all is.


How do you describe your sound?

I really struggle to put my finger on the style of my music. If I were to attempt to put it into one sentence, I would say my sound is Australian acoustic-folk. Although I see so many aspects to my music, I have no idea how I would describe them. I think it’s kind of cool that it can’t really be described.


What music do you find yourself listening to?

It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am an absolute Triple J head. I rarely find myself listening to one particular genre or style of music. Whenever I listen to music leisurely I will also tune into the radio. I love the satisfaction you get having no control over what plays and then your favourite song comes on.


We are excited to announce that we will be supporting this wonderfully talented local Adelaidian for his first headliner show, so make sure you get behind his campaign and purchase a ticket to this gig happening on March 22. Tickets can be purchased from Moshtix.

To hear some more of Sean's music, check out his Instagram and Facebook pages.