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5 Things To Do Before The Fringe Ends


5 Things To Do Before The Fringe Ends

Paige Kerin

Okay team, 6 days left of the Fringe. Yeah, that happened. How a month of fun and frivolity goes by so fast I will never know, but it’s happened. It’s up to us to make this last just-under-a-week count before the supernova heights of activity start to slowly but surely decline. The Fringe this year has been better than ever, but we say that every year don't we? Our city has truly come alive, day and night activity fills the streets of the CBD, the weather has been on freaking point, and we've seen some ridiculous names come to town. We've danced, we've drank, we've ate so. much. food. We've been entertained by dancers, actors, singers, contortionists, comedians, the list goes on. It's a great time, and we're so lucky to have the festival on our turf.

I’ve got a little to-do list for you to do your best to get done by Sunday night. If anyone does all of this in the next 6 days please contact me so I can give you a prize. I'll probably just high-5 for you. Print it off if you will, use for reference, or don’t, and we'll see you next year.



Who doesn’t hate when between April and January there’s a conversation about ‘what shows were hottest at the Fringe’ and you have nothing to contribute. Unless you count you stumbling out of the Garden drunk a show, which many people would. However, it’s much more conducive to conversation if you catch a show. Support an unknown talent and be part of their 15 person audience, or attend one of the big guns. Whether they’re telling jokes, dancing, singing, acting, or a fantastic combination of all of them, you’re going to be entertained. It’s win-win.



Honesty time. Adelaide can tend to not be the most open-minded city on this great planet, EXCEPT for Fringe time. Enter the Garden of Unearthly Delights and you are leaving Adelaide and entering a world of weird and wonderful, where about 99% of things go. There are so many things to do, so many shows to see, so many foods to eat, and so so many beers to drink. It’s one of those places full of people that you can’t find the other months of the idea; maybe there’s a secret Garden we all don’t know about? Either way, hang with them while you can. It’s kind of amazing.



It’s the after party for everything, or maybe it’s the pre-party? Artists mix with regular punters for plain old good times, and most of the time, a sick boogie on the d-floor. There is a strict no judgement policy, and a 2 drink minimum. Okay, that last part was untrue, but it’s a good idea, right?



I don’t have enough good words to say about this venue. For me it embodies everything that is beautiful about Adelaide, including the close proximity to someone you know. The first time I stood in the middle of the Croquet Club, just as the sun was setting, surrounded by 3000 of my closest friends, Pimms in hand, Chet Faker remix playing in the background, I swear I got chills. Not from being cold, from being utterly amazed. Aside from the top-notch vibes, the club boasts amazing food offerings as well as a few amazing venues to catch a show or 5. Get silly in the Panama Club later in the night, or at the very least, have a hit of croquet. I’m not saying anyone knows how to actually play it, just pretend its mini golf.

A picture says everything, in this case,   via Instagram

A picture says everything, in this case, via Instagram


The micro-nation of Surrender is the newest of Fringe clubs this year and has done pretty well considering it’s up against big kids on the block such as the RCC and the Garden. Huge props go to President Ya-Ya and his disciples for presenting an amazing venue that is a show in itself. You, the audience, are a character in the show as well, so it’s definitely a sight to see. But also, go just so you can see you went.

Yeah... Look... I'm not even sure   via Surrender

Yeah... Look... I'm not even sure via Surrender