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Back to the Future Part 4: SA's Time Travel Plans


Back to the Future Part 4: SA's Time Travel Plans

Paige Kerin

Everyone put down what you’re doing and read this. Something that’s always existed and been slightly annoying (but we’ve all just dealt with it), may soon be changing. South Australia might be going forward in time 30 minutes or backwards 90, to deal with the weird half hour time difference we’ve always had going on. Can we even do that? Do we need to consult Greenwich or some other time-keeping authority? Will this rip a hole in the space-time continuum? So many things to ponder.

Today, SA Premier Jay Weatherill announced plans for the possible time shift, possibly to coincide with us reaching the time travel year of 2015 outlined in the movie Back to the Future Part II (that’s outrageous speculation on my behalf). Reports say that the motivation stems largely from the business community, who would benefit from being on the same clock as the eastern state, which is home to most of the big corporations in the country. “We need to be better connected with the nation and the World”, said the Premier. I’m not quite sure the World cares if it’s 5.00 in Adelaide and 5.30 in Melbourne, but we’ll see.

SA Premier Jay Weatherill   via Naomi Jellicoe/Herald Sun

SA Premier Jay Weatherill via Naomi Jellicoe/Herald Sun

The argument in favour of the time change says that many people in business, media, economics and sport would prefer to join the East coast, so that we’re all working on the same time. I can say from experience that I’ve had serious issues when organizing conference calls with people on 'Western Standard Time', 'Australian Central Standard Time' and ‘Australia Eastern Daylight Savings Time’. What even.

It would also ease the complication of daylight savings, where 5 out of Australia’s 8 states and territories go forward one hour. At that point, South Australia is ahead of the Northern Territory, despite technically being in the same time zone. Confusing.

On the flip side, we could journey back an hour in time so that WA isn’t sad and lonely in their time zone. I’m not even sure what the pros and cons would be just yet. At the moment they’re just plans, and there would be a long and arduous process involving Parliament (who we all know is really good at completing tasks in an efficient and timely matter). What do you think?