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Paige Kerin

In the years where we transition from adolescence to our early 20s, a lot of us are just starting to set our sights on what kind of career we want, and how we’re going to actually start being adults. Then you look at Stacey Hendrickson, and it’s hard to believe her achievements.

At 22 she has established an innovative and creative line of fashion that is sold worldwide known as casper&pearl, and has been worn by some pretty influential individuals (eg. Margaret Zhang, Bambi Northwood-Blyth etc). Her upcoming collection ‘ABRACADABRA’, which showcases on Wednesday night, is her fifth. FIFTH COLLECTION. Can we all just comprehend how much work, commitment and creativity that is. You’ll be able to get your hands on the collection in March.

If you thought that was a huge amount of work for a young woman, you’d be wrong. Stacey is also the co-founder of Azalea Models, one of Adelaide’s newest and now top modeling agencies. It’s given the opportunity to so many young girls to achieve their dream of being a model, and has scored a few of their girls contracts with IMG Australia. This young woman inspires, and is the absolute definition of hard work. She saw her dream and took it, and I think that’s pretty incredible. I had a chat to Stacey to find out a bit more about her and her work…

How did casper&pearl all start?
casper&pearl started with some vintage fabrics, a Gilles St Market stall, a few pennies, and some big ideas!


Where did the name C&P come from?
When I was younger my nickname was 'Casper' because of my extreme paleness haha, my best friend’s name was Pearl. casper&pearl started a fun loving, girly, almost child like style – so I was really inspired by that.


How has it been preparing for your upcoming collection ‘ABRACADABRA’?
This range is probably my favourite one yet, so it has been very exciting. I’ve never put on a fashion show before so that’s definitely a learning experience, it’s a bit scary so we’ll see how it goes.

What was the collection inspired by?
I was inspired by the 1600’s witch trial era, 90’s witch craft shows, magic, nature, and cults.

A sneak peak from the upcoming ABRACADABRA   via casper&pearl

A sneak peak from the upcoming ABRACADABRA via casper&pearl

What do you like to wear yourself?
I’m always wearing casper&pearl or thrifted pieces. I can’t really describe it, it’s clean cut – structured – comfortable - homeless


What are your 3 wardrobe essentials?
casper&pearl, a good coat, Birks


Azalea Models has had an incredible start – where was the inspiration to start another modelling agency in Adelaide, and what sets you apart?
Thankyou – I decided to start AZALEA Models as I knew a handful of beautiful girls who weren’t having any luck with agencies already established in Adelaide. What sets us apart is our girls, I mean look at them, and our imagery. We are encouraging our girls to be more than just models – to be role models, they’re all very easy and fun to work with and I hope are setting a good impression for your girls.

Just a few of Azalea's incredible talents, wearing casper&pearl    via Azalea Models

Just a few of Azalea's incredible talents, wearing casper&pearl via Azalea Models


You’re so young and so incredibly accomplished already; how have you managed all of this so young, and what advice do you have for other young people with similar aspirations?
I feel like I’m 40 years old sometimes haha! I couldn’t have done any of this without my mum helping me and giving me an extra hand when needed. My advice would be to work hard, compromise, save your money and to listen to constructive criticism.


What’s your favourite place in Radelaide for…

Breakfast: Loose Caboose
Lunch: Argos on the Parade
Dinner: Esca on the Marina
Drinks: Royal Croquet Club


Radelaide is so excited to be at the ‘ABRACADABRA’ show on Wednesday. Huge thanks to Stacey Hendrickson and casper&pearl.

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