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Soap: Review


Soap: Review

Paige Kerin

No one is really sure what to expect from Soap. Well, we took a quick poll of the people around us and this is what we found. Soap turned out to be a spectacular showcase of the ability of the human body, combined with moving theatre and dance, wonderment and non-stop entertainment.

As alluded in the photos and advertisements, yes, it does involve baths. But it’s so much more than that. The way the cast utilises a bath in so many different ways is incredibly impressive. First of all, let’s talk about these dancers/acrobats/super-human beings. I found myself a few times throughout the show thinking/saying out loud ‘ho-leeeeee sh**’. Because seriously, they are astounding versions of the human form. The strength and flexibility they display is pretty incredible, but is perfectly matched with beautiful dance routines. It is clear their talents are a life-time of hard work, and they all displayed genuine showmanship in their apparently effortless movement.

As well as the incredible dancers, there are two stand-out performers who steer away from the aerobics. The first is the fabulously entertaining comedienne – think a Greek grandmother, but much funnier. She makes you laugh in a way you think is so expected, but her incredible faces and body positions still put a fat smile on your face. The second is the opera singer who accompanies many of the musical tracks, creating a fusion of classical and other styles. Her voice is just incredible, and her understated presence is a beautiful compliment to both the comedic and more emotional pieces in the show.

Making the show so unique is the back and forth emotions of the numbers. Watching 3 men dance Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy while wearing only a towel is understandably hilarious, while next minute you’re watching a solo dancer gracefully move across the stage and through the air, and your eyes widen in wonderment. The final numbers that involve water have to be seen to be believed. There is so much more but I don’t want to ruin the wonderful surprises.

We were lucky enough to meet the cast after the show, and it’s an eclectic mix of down to earth but insanely talented performers. They thanked us when we congratulated them on their ridiculous bodies, and raved about Adelaide – for many of them it was their first time in Australia and they were thoroughly impressed. All of them have been performing in circus, dance and acrobatic shows most of their lives, as is clear in their performances.


I can now definitely understand the rave reviews, and we absolutely recommend it. Oh and by the way, there is a splash zone, but it's worth it.

Where: The Panama Club – The Royal Croquet Club
When: Now  - 15 March
Duration: 70 Minutes
Book through Fringe Tix or at a Fringe box office

Special thanks to Gray’s PR and Arts Projects Australia for having us!

Cover photo via Soap