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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Raising the Roof-top Bar


Raising the Roof-top Bar

Paige Kerin

Let’s be honest folks, rooftop bars are awesome. There must be something in the air up on top of a building, because there’s just something a little bit special about having a few drinks with friends high above the ground. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some ridiculously cool roof top bars in other parts of the World, and it’s very pleasing to see Adelaide getting amongst it.

Whether its 8 floors up or simply 1, Adelaide has got a few awesome spaces that include a view for free. The only downside is that we don’t have more; I have no idea what’s on the top of all those buildings in town. If I can’t re-enact that scene from Friends with Benefits where Mila and Justin hang out on top of a skyscraper, and there isn’t a bar on top, then I have no idea what the point is. Adelaide, I’m setting you a challenge for 2015: you’ve mastered cool bars at ground level, now it's time to raise the roof.   

The Gallery

The Gallery reopened its door a couple of years ago and it is still one of the premier venues on Waymouth St. If stylish décor, great drink selections and a killer menu wasn’t enough, the rooftop is a great place to hangout day or night. It has 360 city views, nestled amongst the office buildings of the city centre and the added feature of art projected onto the brick wall next door. My favourite part would have to be the light bulbs strung across as a ceiling, trust me it’s kiiiind of special.

Rocket Rooftop

What used to be the 3 level party central on Crippen Place became 4 levels with the addition of Rocket Rooftop. The levels beneath contrast in vibe and theme, and the rooftop tops it all off. Hang with the cool kids on this Miami style rooftop, complete with palm tree and astroturf. Plenty of space to hang out with friends and sip on some great drink specials, as well as the classics (plenty of vodka soda limes to go around, don’t worry girls!). The venue is also famous for its ‘Rooftop Cinema’ on Sundays, where you can enjoy some absolute classics while getting rinsed. What could be better. Make sure to check out the newly established ‘Bad Company’ on Thursday nights when you just can’t wait for the weekend.

Laneway the Third

Okay, so it may only be one level above the ground, but it still makes the list. There’s something great about being right in the middle of the crazy Hindley Street action and watching it all unfold from the safety of a rooftop with a mason jar cocktail in hand. I mean, a bar made out of shipping containers? Amazing. Laneway the Third may not be a skyscraper, but its views of the strip and lights in jars strung across the top definitely qualify it as a great rooftop.



2KW is absolutely the place to have a special day or night with friends, enjoying high quality food and beverages in spectacular surroundings, not to mention the beautiful views of the northern end of the city. It has many leather bound menus and smells of rich mahogany. The venue is luxurious; the perfect way to cap a historical feature of Adelaide and an architectural masterpiece.  Dine at the restaurant, get a group of friends together for one of the booths on the Western side, or just enjoy some drinks in the main bar area while ‘mirin Adelaide. A higher price point, but it’s worth it for a special occasion. It’s gorgeous.