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Royal Croquet Club begins for 2015


Royal Croquet Club begins for 2015

Alice Brooks

It's that time of year again, the city is abuzz with colour and life, international and interstate visitors fill our restaurants, and hotels and Victoria Square is full of vibrancy and life. 

Yes, I am talking about the annual Fringe Festival, and more specifically, The Royal Croquet Club. 

Image via This is Radelaide

Image via This is Radelaide

Making itself known in 2014, it seems that 2015 is going to be bigger and better than ever for the pop up hot spot. 

Now, I'm not going to lie, I have been waiting for the return of RCC since it closed it's doors in March of last year. It provided myself (and many many others I am sure) with a party place that also became like second home, I am slightly ashamed to admit. 

On returning this year on the opening night last Friday, it was wonderful to see all the support from the Adelaide community coming together to celebrate what SA really does has to offer. 

This year, the Croquet playing fields have been extended to cover both sides of Victoria Square, with the northern area dedicated to bars, food and the main stage, which boasts an exciting line-up of live music acts, not to mention a new addition: the giant grass maze 'DOT:MAZE', which I'm sure over the course of RCC's five weeks will be successful in trapping intoxicated visitors. 

DOT:MAZE via RCC Official Facebook Page

DOT:MAZE via RCC Official Facebook Page

In comparison to last year, the set up is quite different, but nevertheless is just as creative. Building on it's success from AsiaFest in October, Miss Lee's Laundry and Bar has made a return to the Adelaide scene. 

Many delicious food choices from all different corners of the globe are also available until the doors close late into the night.  

On the southern side, there are an array of various tents which house acts and shows of all different kinds, as well as the Panama tent which later turns into a DJ rave cave for those looking for a chance to shake their booty on the dance floor. 

I have to admit, on entering into the RCC on Friday night, I was mildly horrified to find that our haven from last year, The Panama Social Club, was all the way on the other side of Victoria Square, separated from the all the bars and live music.  By the end of the night it really made no difference where it was, we all ended up there somewhere between vodka soda and vodka void!

An elusive mingling hot spot, it didn't take long before the entire two sides of the square were filled with party-goers, after work business drinks, families looking for an entertaining night out and the usual trend setting, 'Instagram famous' teeny boppers forever on the social circuit

So, for an evening spent sipping cider under the setting sun, a Saturday night filled with dancing and drinks or a work night of live acts from around the globe, look no further than the The Royal Croquet Club in Victoria Square, oh, and don't forget to pack your mallet!