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Falling for Sasha March's latest album 'Don't Go Falling'


Falling for Sasha March's latest album 'Don't Go Falling'

Marc Onofrio

Adelaide based singer songwriter Sasha March has released her debut full length album 'Don't Go Falling', showing the world her brand of folk rock. The relatively short album, clocking in at around 35 minutes, features all you'd expect to hear from a singer songwriter in 2015; pretty vocals, an adoration of the guitar, and a whole bunch of songs about love.

Thankfully, there is more to Don't Go Falling than just these worn out cliches (really, who needs to hear another hour of Joni Mitchell wannabes in this day and age?) Not just relying on her voice like too many singers do, March flirts with genres in a clever way. At times a little bluesy, and sometimes venturing slightly in to the country music sound, these songs feel like they've been continually tweaked and perfected over a long period of time.

Via Sasha March

Via Sasha March

The highest point of the album is easily the track 'Blue Sorrow', a brooding and beautiful blues march. The best vocals, instrumentation, and structure lie on this track, almost dwarfing the rest of the album in comparison. 'Summer Mornings' follows, a five minute journey through ups and downs, both literal and figurative. The drums and guitar go crazy for a moment, then stop, much in the same way March's voice goes from a harsh growl up to a soaring falsetto.

She shows off some of her genre-bending on the track "Devil", which fuses folk instrumentation with a country style marching band beat, and lyrics that sound like a church service (but in a soulful everyone-clapping-and-dancing sort of way, you know what I mean). 'Not Woken' is perhaps the best of her more straight forward folk tracks, which are most of the songs on Don't Go Falling.

In an age where pretty much anybody can publish their music for little cost, the internet is filled with uninteresting music and it can be very frustrating to trawl through it all. Sasha March thankfully isn't one of those, and has created a little niche for herself, making a kind of folk music which borrows from other genres and pushes slightly at the boundaries, but is still firmly good folk music.

Have a listen to the title track 'Don't Go Falling' here: