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Ain't No Party Like a West Thebarton Brothel Party


Ain't No Party Like a West Thebarton Brothel Party

Jordan Tito

If you were one of the 100 lucky bodies crammed into the sold out Ancient World on Saturday night, you were fortunate enough to bare witness to one of the biggest parties in Adelaide - a night that will go down in SA music history. 

Named in January by The AU Review as on the 'top 15 Australian Artists to watch in 2015', the hydra seven-piece group have been partying all year with a collection of killer shows and a stand-out self-titled release in July. Known as a supergroup with members from other Adelaide bands including Horror My Friend, Archers, Relying On Luck, TEA and Sleep Talk, the band are no strangers to live shows, throwing their final headline performance for the year.

Hidden beneath Hindley Street in the basement-like venue, stood eager mates who gathered to catch the exclusive show. With a $5 entry fee, $5 red tins and a great local line up, the 100 person capped venue hit capacity by 10:30. 

Boys getting sweaty

Boys getting sweaty

Kicking off the party with Billions, the first track off their EP, the small and intimate venue that is Ancient World, instantly erupted. The audience were hit with the powerful sound that the West Thebarton Brothel Party boys are known for, the crowd full of friends who were evidently keen to party, and party hard. Bodies bounced back and forth off the brick walls and one another. It wasn't long before drum kits were knocked over, guitar leads unplugged and microphone leads lost in the audience.

Asking the crowd who'd made their way on-stage to move back so he could have some "room to think", vocalist Ray Dalfsen swayed back and forth as Josh Battersby led with the riff for Two-Bit Loser. My personal favourite, it became a sing-along and the venue collectively chanted "Ain't got no time for no two-bit loser", while heads banged along to the hard-hitting drums. The signature bass line that leads Chemotherapy was next, which immediately sent the crazed punters into a frenzy. Feeding off the energy in the room, guitarists Tom Gordon and Josh Healey thrashed their guitars and bodies, echoing the movements of the crowd. 

Staying true to their Australian roots, Brian Bolado lead the band into their cover of INXS' Don't Change and it wasn't long before Dalfsen was crowd-surfing through the tiny 3ft gap between people's heads and the low-fitted ceiling. 

Finishing off with Misophonia and everyones favourite, Glenn McGrath, anyone who was holding back decided to let loose to the cricket anthem as people locked arms, jumping and screaming "OH AH, I'M GLENN MCGRATH".

(Almost) Literally tearing down the roof, the night was one chaotic party. Props boys, we can't wait to see what you have in store for 2016.

All images via Lewis Brideson