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Women Stand Together To Reclaim The Night


Women Stand Together To Reclaim The Night

Melina Scarfo

Reclaim The Night is an annual march to raise awareness about violence against women. The event began in Australia in 1978 and will take place this Friday, November 13. 

Organiser Phoebe Smith says the aim of Reclaim The Night is to make a statement - women have the right to feel and be safe from violence.

Historically, women have been told that they should not walk alone at night, but the event is about rejecting and protesting the idea that women hold the responsibility to not be attacked.

“The march focuses mainly on women's right to walk the streets at night without fear of attack or abuse, but the event condemns all forms of violence against women and victim blaming,” Phoebe says.

The rally will begin in Tarndanyangga (Victoria Square) at 6:30pm and participants will march down King William and Hindley Street, finishing at West Bar in UniSA to celebrate with music from The Villenettes and DJ Jenna.

Image via Reclaim The Night Facebook

Image via Reclaim The Night Facebook

Everybody is encouraged to participate and the event is trans-inclusive, meaning trans and non-binary individuals are welcome to march. Those allowed to march include women and any others who have experienced oppression or violence due to being perceived as a woman.

“Men or others that do not believe they have had these experiences of oppression due to not being perceived as a woman are encouraged to support the cause by cheering from the sidewalk,” Phoebe says.

In the digital age, marches may not seem like the most effective form of activism, but Phoebe says these events leave an impact long after they are over.

“I think it's a very empowering thing to be surrounded by a crowd of people, most of which are strangers, who all share such passionate feelings for a cause,” she says.

The best way to get involved is to come along! Bring a friend and take part in what will be a positive and empowering night.

For more details about Reclaim The Night check out the official event page.

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, family or domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

Header image via Reclaim The Night Facebook