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Adelaide Tomato Battle 2016


Adelaide Tomato Battle 2016

Amy Clark

It’s around this time of year when many of us are wishing we could escape from work and exams to an exotic location or European festival.

So what would you say if we told you it’s possible to experience the thrill of the infamous La Tomatina and change lives all in one well aimed throw?

Introducing the Adelaide Tomato Battle, coming to the Wayville Showgrounds in February, 2016.

Image via Tomato Battle

Image via Tomato Battle

Bringing the excitement and fun of the Spanish tomato throwing festival to our humble showgrounds, the Adelaide Tomato Battle will be an epic fight to the death (figuratively speaking), by ditching over-ripe tomatoes at one another.

Although squishing a big, fat, juicy tomato in a stranger’s face is incentive enough to join in the fun, let’s not forget why the Tomato Battle exists... to feed the hungry.

Image via Tomato Battle

Image via Tomato Battle

We realise that at first glance, fighting hunger through physically throwing food on the ground seems somewhat perplexing, but look a little closer. In partnership with feedONE and Kapiris Brother Farms nationwide, the Tomato Battle is able to feed 100 children for a month per event, with every $10 providing a month’s worth of food for one child.

By taking 1 million over ripe, unusable tomatoes that aren’t safe for human consumption and giving them a purpose, the Tomato Battle have created a way to turn something ugly and damaged into a beautiful solution to a very serious global problem.

Committed to upholding their social and environmental values, the Tomato Battle use all tomatoes thrown during the free-for-all showdown as fertiliser to grow and nurture fresh tomatoes for the next year’s battle.

Image via Tomato Battle

Image via Tomato Battle

With live music, drinks and delicious eats from all your favourite local foodies, the Adelaide Tomato Battle is like an awesome music festival, with the added bonus of being allowed to throw things (things being tomatoes) at people.

You’ll literally see red if you miss this. Those in attendance will also see red — on the day, and for many days after in your hair, clothes and places you’d rather not have tomato juice.

There are only seven days left to purchase your ticket to the Adelaide Tomato Battle at the exclusive early entry price of $29.99.

For more information, visit the Tomato Battle website.

What: Adelaide Tomato Battle.

When: Saturday, February 27th 2016

Where: Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville

Tickets: starting at $29.99 and up to $54.99 for last minute entry. Click here to get your tickets.


Header via Tomato Battle