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Top 5: Adelaide Record Stores


Top 5: Adelaide Record Stores

Imogen Labschin

Recently I’ve found myself with an addiction to buying vinyl records. To be honest, I have no idea how it started. One day I decided to start spending all my money on records that I wanted instead of CD’s. The sad part about this is; I don’t even have a record player. However, except for the lack of money and never being able to listen to the records I bought, there is surprisingly a good side to this. I have been able to find out which stores you really need to check out! Here are the top 5 Adelaide Record stores that you must visit.

5. Rare Find Records

Located on Port Road, Woodville Park, Rare Find Records is your number one place to head to for anything hip-hop. From clothing to a studio, if you’re a big hip hop fan make sure you check this place out. You may drive past thinking Rare Find is a disused car yard, but don’t let that deter you. The only reason I even knew about this store existed was through a rap music addict of an ex-boyfriend. This is definitely one of the best, if not the best, place in Adelaide for anything hip hop. The lovely staff know their product well and will be keen for a conversation about the music they stock.

Rare Find Records
691A Port Road

4. Porthole Records

via Kim Simpson

via Kim Simpson

Travelling a bit further up Port Road and you’ll find yourself at a little den of record heaven. Porthole has one of the most diverse collections of music out of all these five stores. If you listen to a bit of everything, I definitely recommend checking out Porthole. They also stock a wide range of rare finds. Since this whole ‘new age’ record revival has occurred, it seems that many stores increased their prices. Not at Porthole though! You can definitely find some gems here at a very reasonable price. Just make sure that you have enough time to browse few their whole collection.

Porthole Records
85 Commercial Road
Port Adelaide


3. Mr V Music

via James Newcombe

via James Newcombe

Mr V has to be one of the more spacious record stores on this list. The neat, sophisticated presentation of the store makes you just feel drawn immediately to the racks of records. Local and national artists make up most of the collection. Mr V don’t just stock records, but also sell CD’s and memorabilia. Overall, it’s a lovely store with an owner that knows his music. If you find yourself in the western suburbs, you should definitely pay Mr V a visit.

Mr V Music
115 Semaphore Road


2. Clarity Records

via Clarity Records

via Clarity Records

The reputation of being one of Adelaide's finest record stores is definitely appropriate for Clarity Records. With staff that are super helpful and are always open for a chat, you’ll definitely be finding yourself coming back time and time again. Clarity specialise in metal, punk and rock music, however you will find other genres if you go searching around. Local Adelaide and Australian music feature heavily, so come in for a visit and show your support!

Clarity Records
60 Pulteney St
Adelaide CBD


1. Rerun Records

The number one spot going to Rerun Records may be a bit bias, so I’m sorry (not really). But this was the store where I bought my first record. Everything about the place amazed me when I was younger, and I remember always walking past trying to psych myself into actually visiting the store. The staff members are possibly the nicest people I’ve met and will happily have a conversation with you about any genre of music, and I mean any. They stock a wide range of older records, so if you’re desperately trying to find that one album on vinyl from the 70’s Rerun, then this is the store for you.

Rerun Records
Shop 31-35
Renaissance Arcade
Adelaide CBD


Header image via Ami Gallacher