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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Open Inspection; Featured Artist Henry Stentiford


Open Inspection; Featured Artist Henry Stentiford

Johnny Close

‘Your brain is like a watermelon, only less tasty,’ is some advice up and coming artist Henry Stentiford bequeathed upon me, whilst beating on the front door of Floating Goose Studios with one of his crutches, in attempt prompt the owners to open up shop.

Open Inspection featuring works from Henry in conjunction with works from artists Bonnie Lawson, Claude Creighton, Aida Aizn and Gabriel Cole, have been on display at Floating Goose Studios for a week now and will continue until the 22nd of November.

Henry’s work is highly unique and portrays a great skill in technique which combines free hand drawings and use of vivid colouring. His first 10 works take you on a journey of honest reflection portrayed with humorous and often strange but complex characters.

After the party;

Stooged it rough;

Regretting saying that;

Time and a place;

Shouldn’t have had so many;

Easier said than done;

Hindsight’s always 20/20;

Then as I lay there,

Sunday Bloody Sunday;

Knock at the door.

Henry Stentiford next to his works  Legless Man At A Topless Bar  (left)   and  Lessons  (right)

Henry Stentiford next to his works Legless Man At A Topless Bar (left) and Lessons (right)


Get down to Floating Goose Studios @ 9 Carrington Street, Adelaide and check out some of the works from these promising South Australian artists.


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Fri 3pm – 9pm

Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm


Header image via Johnny Close.