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Cobra Presents: Volume VIII @ Ancient World


Cobra Presents: Volume VIII @ Ancient World

Kate Sansome

Last night, Ancient World held host to the 8th installment of the club night Cobra Presents. Cobra Presents is an awesome event organised by the drummer of headlining band, The Legendary Cobra, Jonty Czuchwicki, who also was the brilliance behind September’s mini psychedelic event, Vision Festival. This time Cobra Presents showed off many talented blues and psychedelic rock bands around Adelaide, featuring, The Legendary Cobra, House of Jade, Howl n Bones, Blue Mountain Haze, Abbey Howlett & The Golden Realm and Ollie English.

First up, was blues singer-songwriter, Ollie English, who has recently obtained a lot of attention with his single release of, I Know You’re Gonna Leave, last month. The young nineteen year old performed to a handful of crowd members, showing off his talented deep, soulful voice.  His unique dark blues and soothing soul music was quite a pleasant way to start the evening.  It sure is obvious that the ever talented Ollie English, is going places.

Next up was alternative rock group, House of Jade, who immediately drew a crowd in with their song Nothing At All.  With moody, aggressive vocals from vocalist, Louis Donnarumma, accompanied with a deep, bluesy bass, the group had a very tight, blues-grunge sound.  They performed a new song called Milk and Honey which Donnarumma admitted was about sex and closed with track Blue Taste, which showed off the group’s unique take on the alternative rock genre.

Blue Mountain Haze then came on stage with what they described as an ‘acid jazz’ sound.  Tension between band members seemed to get the band off to a difficult start.  They appeared to be quite over the place but the crowd did not seem to mind, especially when vocalist, Savindri Perera started to sing.  The deep, soulful vocals over the top of groovy blues instrumentals were absolutely amazing.  After a few unfortunate technical difficulties Blue Mountain Haze really came together when the harmonica and guest saxophonist was brought into the mix.   Their jazzy, blues and folky sound was quiet hypnotic and definitely a crowd pleaser.   

The room was packed when The Golden Realm stepped on the stage with their music drawing influences from jazz, hip-hop, soul and roots rock.  With a psychedelic bass and light guitars and drums, it was the perfect backdrop for the very talented vocals from Abbey Howlett.  Howlett is very passionate and charismatic on stage as she shows her diverse vocal talent, switching from angelic vocals to deep, soulful growls as she plays the guitar. The hip-hop and electronic beats were definitely a change from the previous bands and had the crowd more inclined to dance.    The group displays the perfect combination of genres that is absolutely groovy and I definitely would suggest checking them out sometime around Adelaide.

The Legendary Cobra graced the stage with a full forty minute set filled with their progressive rock that they noted, ‘won’t make you any smarter by the end.’  It was obvious that the band was very comfortable and energetic whilst on stage with their cheeky banter between songs and silly dance moves from the bassist. They looked so relaxed that it felt more like an intimate jam session among friends than a concert.  Halfway through the set, I found myself in a psychedelic rock trance, absolutely mesmerized by the crashing cymbals, silky bass and thrashing guitars.  Cobra definitely delivered their unique experimental, somewhat jagged, metal sound that had the crowd head banging.

The last performance of the night came from Howl n Bones, performing their last show of the year to a near empty crowd.  After having some slight technical difficulties and making up a song about needing the sound technician, Howl n Bones performed their very experimental, rock sound to the committed troopers at two in the morning.

Overall, it was an absolutely amazing night, showcasing some of the best blues and psychedelic rock bands that Adelaide has to offer. 

Head image via The Legendary Cobra