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Adelaide's Class of 2015


Adelaide's Class of 2015

Melina Scarfo

University students share an unbreakable bond. Our pain and suffering is fuelled by cup noodles, all-nighters and bad coffee. We have existential crises regularly and spend most of our time pretending to know what we are doing.

Okay, it’s not all bad. Uni has been a wonderful place to meet new people and make long life friendships. We have gained new skills such as mastering the art of writing an essay the night before.

It is currently the most stressful time for university students, exam season. For many this will be their last semester ever #praisedalord. But now folks, it’s time to enter the 'real world'.

Should you have a plan after your university education? We caught up with a few soon-to-be uni graduates to find out what they will be doing next year. Hopefully their wise words can prepare you for when the time comes.

Name: Clancy Larsen
Age: 20
Studying: Bachelor of Arts (double major English/Politics and International Studies)
I have gained: Analysis has become second nature to me when reading, also personal discipline with assignments and time management.
Plans after graduation: Honours in English next year, then I want to get involved in arts administration and potentially study a masters of art curatorship.

Name: Luke Higgins
Age: 21
Studying: Bachelor of Applied Science (Human movement and health studies) going on to study Masters of Teaching next year (secondary health and PE)
Exam study plan of attack: Re-write all my notes and read over them as many times as possible. Cramming works.
I loved studying in Adelaide because: It's where I live, easy to get to and a good environment to study in. Not too chaotic.

Name: Sharmonie Cockayne
Age: 21
Studying: Media and Marketing at the University of Adelaide
Writing is: A luxury, an essential, a pain. Writing is wonderful and can be a beautiful form of self-expression or even just expression, but it's also such an essential part of our life that we don't even think about it. Texting is writing, and we do that more often than we drink water. But when in comes to essay writing and deadlines though, it's also definitely a pain.
In one year I will be: Still working on magazines and styling with a wonderful bunch of ambitious, talented creatives. But perhaps making money from it - a girl can dream.

Name: Julie Tran
Age: 22
Studying: Law and Commerce double at the University of Adelaide 
Favourite uni hangout: The commerce and profession's first year learning centre is the place to be! (At least in 2011, anyway)
Next year I will be: Travelling, then starting my graduate role at KPMG.

12200544_10206841170760437_858246976_n (1).jpg

Name: Anamaria Santelices
Age: 22
Studying: Communication and Media Management
The best advice I was ever told: Cliché, but - work hard for what you want.
In 2016 I hope to: Travel and gain valuable experience in my chosen field abroad.


 Name: Georgina Cunningham
Age: 21
Studying: Bachelor of Media
Studying aboard was: in Leeds, England - the best decision I've ever made.
I’m celebrating graduation by: Catching up on all the films I've missed!


Name: Paris Martin
Age: 20
Studying: Journalism
I couldn’t have survived uni without: Regular reality checks. It's just an assignment. It's just a grade. Its not the end of the world. Keep it in perspective and try and look at the bigger picture.
In 5 years I will be: I'd love to be a high-flying journo... But hopefully still humble.


Name: Mary-Anne Maio
Age: 22
Studying: Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management)
Favourite late night study snack: Anything containing melted cheese (and a coffee on the side).
In the future I want to: make a difference and help small businesses who can't help themselves. Oh, and travel. Lots.


Name: Allen Catalan
Age: 21
Studying: Health Sciences (Major in Public Health)
Number one study tip: Don't procrastinate! Plan everything, even if it means every hour of every day.
The future is: Full of wonders. Expect the unexpected...

Header image by Renee Nowytarger via Adelaide Now

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