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Colour Blind Book Release


Colour Blind Book Release

Nick Focareta

Making waves again, this time for less controversial reasons, Driller jet Armstrong of Sugar has just released a colouring book for adults. Wednesday night saw the unveiling of a collection of his works spanning from 1989 to present, all gathered into a colouring book entitled Colour Blind.

The book was borne from a collaboration between Driller and Adelaide based publisher Newstyle Media, who were in the market for a colouring book that allowed the colourer to “draw outside the lines.” Driller was approached at the Victoria Street Markets where his colouring sheets were on display, and just a few short weeks later his first book was ready for sale.

Test your colouring skills with this free sample page.

Test your colouring skills with this free sample page.

Driller’s no new kid to the art scene, having exhibited his art in Japan, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as being the mastermind behind Frome Street’s infamous mural.

Colour Blind is a heady mix of surrealist Picasso and “mambo-esque” style drawings designed to inspire and at times even puzzle. Copies of the book are available for $30 and can be purchased here.


All images via Newstyle Media