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Tame Impala Delivers Adelaide Fans a Performance They Won't Forget


Tame Impala Delivers Adelaide Fans a Performance They Won't Forget

Zoe Walker

What do you get when Tame Impala visit Adelaide on a 40 degree day? Sweatiest gig ever. 

After the global success of their third album Currents, Tame Impala have risen to fame in a legendary way that the world (including themselves) wasn’t prepared for. Their magical performance at Splendour in the Grass just a few months ago is most likely somewhat responsible for giving them a reputation as a must-see band. So it was no surprise that after the announcement of a national tour, all original show dates sold out in a matter of hours. 

In what might have been a surprise to those getting social during pre-drinks, the band began their set at just 9pm on Wednesday night. Some would argue that this was strangely early for a headline act, however, by the end of what was nearly a two hour set, it’s safe to say that most punters were keen to head home, have a shower, and get in a good night sleep before work the next day. 

The crowd were entertainingly diverse, and the Thebby was absolutely packed to the rafters by the time the five-piece band graced the stage. The fact that fans were able to witness all of Tame’s glory in a beautiful and intimate venue like the Thebarton Theatre is something we should all feel very luck about. Although, let’s hope the Thebby considers turning on the AC or at least putting some fans around the place for next time. 

With no time to lose, the band unleashed the opening riff to Let It Happen and pretty much everything went wonderfully downhill from there; because who needs reality? 

The performance was routinely interrupted by security guards hoisting themselves above the fence to tell the crowd off for blazing and crowd surfing. It goes without saying that these efforts were largely unsuccessful.  

Frontman Kevin Parker (and all-round guru) first addressed the crowd: “Hey Adelaide. It’s fucking hot,” and mentioned that it was the hottest gig they’d played in a while. “No shit,” thought the crowd as sweat dripped down the side of their faces.

Getting sweaty with Kevin

Getting sweaty with Kevin

Without letting the heat become bothersome, the crowd jumped straight back into a collective daze for the epic Lonerism track, Why Won’t They Talk To Me? Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of the rabbit hole, Tame Impala have a way of dragging you to new depths within your soul. The ultra psychedelic images projected behind the band were enough to truly push anyone over the edge. Every single track is a spiritual rollercoaster, that’s for sure.  

More upbeat tracks like Elephant and The Less I Know The Better had the crowd jumping around and provided an opportunity for a few casual crowd surfs. The crowd confidently belted out the lyrics to Eventually, which turned out to be a real highlight with those hard-hitting riffs and the slow, emotional build up. 

In a fabulous fashion, Mr. Parker continuously threw water bottles to douse the crowd, which had become a swaying pit of worshipping, sweat-drenched punters. The crowd surged into the air to catch the numerous empty plastic bottles that were thrown out, because anything that has been touched by Kevin himself is surely worth a few bruises. 

Unsure of what we would be treated to next, Tame Impala broke out into their hit single 'Cause I’m A Man, which Kevin sung in a way that was reminiscent of Jesus himself. The main set was concluded with an unreal rendition of Apocalypse Dreams. At this point in time the stage was vacated and everyone took the chance to loudly exclaim to their mates, “how good were they!?” 

Sure enough, the band simply couldn’t ignore the demand for an encore that literally shook the very ground we stood on. Kevin asked the crowd to sing along as they launched into what is possibly their dreamiest song to date, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

On behalf of Adelaide, thank you Tame Impala. 


All images taken by This is Radelaide