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Adelaide's Caleb Fosdike releases new album "dump"


Adelaide's Caleb Fosdike releases new album "dump"

Marc Onofrio

Trawling through new releases by Adelaide musicians can sometimes be grueling. There are, after all, only so many harsh noise and uninspired electronic releases that you can take. Occasionally, a real gem falls in to your lap, and Caleb Fosdike's latest release dump is one of those. As he explains, dump consists of recordings from as far back as 2011, being ideas for old bands, random experiments, and laptop fiddling.

Fosdike's style of rock is one that is far removed from most peoples idea of rock music. The sheer amount of stylistic boundaries crossed is impressive, especially on a release less than 40 minutes long. One song can be a strictly instrumental, minimalist guitar piece, which jumps to traditional garage rock and then to abstract electronics.

Via Caleb Fosdike

Via Caleb Fosdike

All of these different approaches breathe fresh air in to the album nonstop, and even on multiple listens, it's hard to know what's coming next. From the opening track 'visualsadness', a sparse, latter period Talk Talk era soundscape done with just guitar, there is no attempt to bundle his music in to one easy to digest form. 'dumb stuff' follows, a lo-fi garage rock thumper, which bounces straight in to '8quiet jam', 5 minutes of endless noodling over a steady bassline. The other tracks, like 'I hate my stupid face' and 'Sucker' are more straight forward lo fi punk, while 'Revolver' is punk in the vein of Pere Ubu. 

These all pale in comparison to the albums centrepieces, though, the final two tracks 'noise666' and '234'. The former is thumping no-wave meets melodic guitar noodling, seemingly opposite forces mix quite well, and make it perhaps the best song on the album. '234' is the furthest exploration in to the abstract, a 10 minute guitar and electronics piece, as if someone was messing around trying to play something like Pink Floyd's 'Saucerful of Secrets' with just a guitar. At times the composition seems almost hap hazardous, or at worst purely random, but it eventually coalesces, but continues on the wayward journey.

If you're a fan of experimental music, this is for you. The jumps between styles and the quality of each attempt is tremendous. While it's certainly not for everyone, dump is one of the best albums from an Adelaide musician this year.

Best of all, it's completely free from Bandcamp. Listen to a sample track below: