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The Flinders Street Market Mini Comic Convention


The Flinders Street Market Mini Comic Convention

Rachel Darling

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's The Flinders Street Market and it has a new theme ready to launch! Move over crafty goods and gluten-free bake stalls, there's a new superhero on the block at one of Adelaide's favourite city markets- and it's going to be attracting a rather different crowd! Enter stage, Flinders Street Market's first Mini Comic Convention.

Always a strong supporter of Adelaide's creative scene, the Flinders Street Market organisers have decided to zone in on the comic book creative area. Fans of this genre will already be aware of the grass-root local talent that our city has to offer in terms of comic writers, illustrators, costume enthusiasts and toy makers- all fun things related to the comic book industry. However, the Mini Comic Convention will expose the talents of these creatives in a new dynamic and to a whole new crowd. So, even if you're not familiar with Clark Kent or Lois Lane, checking out the artistic skill in this very specific scene is sure to be a treat in itself. 

Mini Comic Convention Adelaide

Co-hosted by Dark Oz (one of Australia's leading horror anthology publishers), the convention promises over 30 comic-related stalls, all with different themes and styles that we are sure even Spiderman himself would be proud of. With themed food stalls also on the cards (think comic-style gourmet popcorn, popsicles and cupcakes) as well as face painters and coffee stalls, this event is sure to be something everyone can enjoy. Plus, the event is running from 31st October- 1st November, so you're sure to catch glimpses of some zombies and ghosts running about the place!

With a reputation for fun themed events, the Flinders Street Market Mini Comic Convention is sure to have everyone enjoying the Adelaide art scene and flicking through comic books at a rapid pace. The weekend is part of a very thrilling special events calendar for the market and has already gained a lot of popularity, with over 1,100 people attending on the event's Facebook page. Local artistic talent, pop-culture and super heroes in lycra (we're hoping)- this is a new look for a popular Adelaide city market, but one that is sure to be a hit!

When: 31st October + 1st November @ 10am to 4pm both SATURDAY + SUNDAY 

Where: 230 Flinders Street, Adelaide 5000 SA in the big blue shed. 

Parking: plenty available in the street.

All images supplied by the Mini Comic Convention Facebook page