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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Coming Soon: Summer 2015/16


Coming Soon: Summer 2015/16

Paige Kerin

If there's one thing that has become our 'thing' in the past five years or so, it's the continuous stream of new cafes, bars and restaurants opening in all corners of Adelaide. In the past couple of months we've seen big winners open such as My Kingdom for a Horse, Osteria Oggi, Mexican Society, Chicken and Pig... We can go on. We've successfully hushed all the whiners who object to small bars and food trucks, and welcomed every coffee-making, sandwich-creating, cocktail-shaking venue to the city. Here's a few more we can spot on the horizon...


We can look past the fact that we're inheriting something from Melbourne when it's Combi. However, seeing as the owners of it originate from Adelaide, turns out we've got one up on them. With an all healthy, organic and raw menu, they're going to fit right in with the current health following taking over Adelaide at the moment. Just looking at the pictures of what Combi currently offers at their Melbourne location (@wearecombi), we're already feeling fresh and healthy, so it's safe to say we're dying to try their offerings. Tucked into what was previously a foyer of an Indian restaurant on Leigh St, the store owned by Penny Loughnan and Anthony Baker will be the perfect stop in for an acai bowl, energy ball, cold pressed organic juice or raw fudge cake. Or all of them. We can because they're healthy right?



If there was any doubt that live music was dying in Adelaide, that will all be dispelled once the Fat Controller opens on the corner of Bank St and North Terrace. A live music venue with so much hype can only be run by the team behind the RCC, Little Miss Dive Shop and the Crab Shack. Stuart Duckworth and his team have been working hard on the construction of the venue, with sneaky hints to the industrial-style on their social media. Part of the lineup has just been announced, and we couldn't be more excited. Asa, Neon Indian, Bad//Dreems, San Cisco and Aston Shuffle are just some of the artists set to play at the venue, so surely it only gets better from there... Check out the boot-shaking teaser trailer here.



To add to the already stellar curation of cafes, restaurants and bars on Leigh St, the legendary team behind Coffee Branch and nearby Clever Little Tailor will be adding to their collection with Pink Moon Saloon - a ski chalet style small bar. They're also taking the whole 'laneway' thing to next level, as the bar lives in a laneway, off of a laneway. With a built in brick oven, the bar will be serving up tasty and simple bar snacks alongside a premium drinks menu. Aside from what we can eat and drink, we have to say we're excited to see the architectural product of this place. Built from the ground up with the fit out by Sans Arc Studios, this is sure to be a venue you will want to stay in all night.



Talk about giving us what we needed, Meatballs & Co will be Adelaide's first restaurant where the star of the menu is the humble meatball. Theirs certainly won't be humble though, with a huge variety of flavours and sauces, with accompanying salads and vegetables. Setting up shop on Victoria Square, it will be the ideal lunch spot for anyone who works nearby. We've got more info coming for you very soon...



College Park is set to be home to a sleek and fresh coffee haunt thanks to young guns Tom McNeil and Nick Wood. Focusing on espresso and filter coffee, Fix Speciality Coffee will be serving up coffee served your way with beans by Melbourne's Wide Open Road roasters - the first in Adelaide to use their ethically sourced beans. Because no coffee date is complete without a snack, there will be a simple menu of breakfast and lunch goodies. We hear their house blend 'Shady Lane' is particularly heart-warming. Adelaide can never have too many places for coffee, so keep an eye out for this one!


In the works...

We've heard that a particularly popular brunch cafe is opening up another location. It's all still in the works, so we'd better let them make the announcement.. Be sure we'll be announcing it soon!


Have we missed something? Do you know somewhere opening up soon we should know about? Let us know!


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