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South Australian Singer-Songwriter Loren Kate Releases Heartfelt EP


South Australian Singer-Songwriter Loren Kate Releases Heartfelt EP

Marc Onofrio

South Australian musician Loren Kate is a musician whose artistic output is filled with honesty and emotion.

Til Night Meets The Sun is her second EP, and fourth overall. Over the course of these five songs, she paints the pictures of her life, ranging from tales of youth and exploration to the crushing realism of death, mortality, and how people deal with it.

Her rise in the music industry is due in large part to her victory in the Telstra Road To Discovery program in 2014. The competition is for grassroots singer/songwriters in Australia, rewarding them with the resources to take their music further. After winning, she did just that, going in to the recording process of this EP.


While there are only five songs on Til Night Meets The Sun, everything feels very fresh, and there is little overlap in content or style. While the songs are mostly driven by Kate and her acoustic guitar,  there are modest pinches of other instrumentation, like an occasional electric guitar or eloquent string arrangement.

The opening track 'Silver And Gold' shows her simplicity, lyrically the song is a basic look back at youth and growing up. The song's instrumentation is where it kicks it up a bit though, starting with just vocals and acoustic guitar, slowly more and more sounds are layered on top. The non intrusive manner in which this layering occurs is rather sublime. The second track, 'This Heart Of Mine' follows similarly, maturing the lyrical content and making use of simple but pretty string arrangements, while having a distinct Angel Olsen delivery.

'Rollin Wheel' is her take on the blues, and is musically the high point of the EP. The vocals and melodies on this track are simply more powerful than the others. While it may be the best song from a formal view, the fourth track 'When You Leave' is the emotional peak. The song explains the heartbreaking story of her ex-partner on his deathbed, and her going to see him one last time. The lyrics are bare and honest, reflected by the music.

Til Night Meets The Sun is simple, honest, and genuine music. While carving a unique style for a folk singer/songwriter is probably the hardest thing to do in modern music, the down to earth nature of this release has her on her way to doing so.

You can listen and buy Til Night Meets The Sun via Bandcamp/Soundcloud/iTunes or see her perform live at one of her upcoming Adelaide gigs.

Saturday November 7th - Vegan Festival, Victoria Square, Adelaide (Event here)

Sunday November 8th - Cheese Factory Studio Gallery, Meadows (Event here, $20)

Take a look at the video for the heartfelt track 'When You Leave', and if you're headed to the Vegan Festival, give her a listen: