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Getting Around Everything Local This Summer


Getting Around Everything Local This Summer

Jason Katsaras

All of you well-travelled Rad kids can definitely agree that there is nothing like returning home and realising how bloody lucky we are to live in a city that provides such a wide array of events, gigs and creative people. Therefore, we think it's only necessary to chuck on our snob-hat and have a rant about the city we adore leading into the long Adelaide summer.

First of all, we've been able to create and nurture some exceptional musicians. I can't even begin to describe how I'd have loved to go to the Stone Cutters Festival, but much of the bands who played their are testament to this fact.

Horror My Friend @ Stone Cutters Festival.

Secondly the variety we have in Adelaide is unreal, not only in music but in venues and events, there's very much something for everyone from some 'bangerz' at HQ, to murky deep techno at Ancient World, or the weekly live gigs you can catch at the 'Cranka' (Crown and Anchor) or Metro.  If you like jazz, you're set, if you like nostalgic rock, you're set, if you like music reflective of South Australia - you're definitely set. Combine this with the internationally renowned world music festival we know as Womadelaide, and you have yourself the geographically concave little spot in the country we call home. 

If we're to delve further into the culture of Adelaide, everyone seems to know everyone by two degrees of separation. The weather is pretty great and every year that period we affectionately know as 'Mad-March' puts the city into a state of absolute blissful chaos. With this in mind, what better setting could you hope to enjoy our culturally diverse spectrum of live music? 

Bad//Dreems @ Jive 12/6/2015

Basically, it's nice every now and then to stop and smell the pale ales, and appreciate what this little square mile has going for it, and how supporting more live music can add to its brilliance.

The uniqueness of our musical platform should be celebrated. Getting around local music, food, drinks and entertainment won't just support Adelaide, but grow and improve it, a tradition which we really ought to continue.

So grab a cold one this weekend, and we'll see you at the Ex.