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Get Spooked At HORROR Movie Campout 2015


Get Spooked At HORROR Movie Campout 2015

Patrick Martin

Looking for something better (read: spookier) to do this Halloween than your partner's sister-in-law's brother's cousin's Halloween party? Well looks like there’s something hiding just around the corner…!

Adelaide’s own Kuipto Forest will play host to the inaugural HORROR Movie Campout over the Halloween weekend. Guaranteeing a completely immersive experience for camp-goers, HMC will showcase the 1973 classic film “The Exorcist” along with another classic to be decided on by campers before the weekend.

Remember that out here, no one can hear you scream....

Remember that out here, no one can hear you scream....

As if “The Exorcist” wasn’t scary enough, the weekend will be filled with other short horror films along with bonus unknowns lurking in the shadows to make your marshmallow-toasting, beer-drinking weekend with friends just that little bit more edgy.

If paying money to be scared isn’t your thing, feel content in the knowledge that part of the proceeds from every ticket sold are being donated to the Hutt St Centre. But be warned, tickets are scarce so hop to it!

Collect your nerve, your torch light, your mobile phone (so you can call mummy when you can’t fall asleep at night) and a bunch of friends, and kiss that lame Halloween party of old goodbye!

HORROR Movie Campout 2015 will be held in Kuipto Forest on Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st of October. For more information and tickets, head to their website.

Header and body image courtesy of Horror Movie Campout 2015.