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Timberwolf Talk


Timberwolf Talk

Alana Trezise

Recently we had the opportunity to have a chat with home grown talent, Timberwolf – the modern folk project of 22-year-old Adelaide singer songwriter, Chris Panousakis. In 2013, Timberwolf's first home-recorded single Garden reached No. 1 on the Triple J Unearthed Roots Chart, and was featured on Triple J's Roots n' All program hosted by Sarah Howells. 

After being noticed by Australia's largest indie radio station, Chris decided to put his physiotherapy career on hold and pursue his music dreams, issuing his debut EP Man & Moon later that year, all while touring a whole lot more. 

Over the past two years, Chris told us that playing live has been a great way for him to develop his sound as it "quickly forces you to learn about your strengths and weaknesses as a songwriter". He said, "I used to play along to lots of blues; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix and Dire Straits, but also wrote lots about my reflective mind and how it all feels. I realised my lyrics and songwriting were far more cryptic and dreamy, so the two worlds are still slowly coming together".

What is it like getting onto the music scene in Adelaide? Were there any major set backs?

I think I've been pretty lucky, so I'm grateful. I was surrounded early by some really supportive friends who helped to spread the word, and as long as the music you're writing is okay I think that's a great platform. I've also been surrounded and supported by a musically a bunch of avid, respected local musicians like Kaurna Cronin, Dom Symes, Maggie Rutjens and the guys from Jimmy and the Mirrors, who promote such a welcoming and supportive culture for a new musician to grow, as well as setting a great example for inspiration. 

Are there any artists in the Adelaide music community that have inspired you? Any we should look out for?

As a songwriter, Banjo Jackson is very inspiring and drives me to write from the heart. He's a constant reminder that sincerity and transparency through your lyrics and live performance always hits home the hardest. Jesse Davidson is also an incredible raw talent. We worked together on a song from my new EP and I think he's destined for a huge trajectory.

What senses do you hope to stimulate for your audience through your music?

I hope that anyone listening to my music is able to achieve some sort of emotive shift, whether that be finding strength, revelation or a moment of self-reflection. I've always thought it would be pretty cool to perpetuate a defining moment in someone's day, life or lunch time...

We're super excited about seeing you play up on stage at WOMADelaide 2015. What are you looking forward to most playing there?

Having been to the festival myself I'm definitely looking forward to meeting some incredible artists backstage but, mostly i'm excited to be in a position where I can create or add to the festival atmosphere as an artist, and empower an audience the same ways in which I have been as a punter in the past. 

We were lucky enough to see this man play at The Porch Sessions on Sunday. Timberwolf will be releasing his latest album in a couple of weeks time, so keep an eye out for this babin' man and his vocal chords coming your way.